Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Mortgage

I do not know if I told you but back in march went looking for mortgages. Well I really just went to my bank and got pre-approved for x amount of dollars. I was pre-approved for 3 month and actually 3 days before it was sent to expire I went in and said I found a house and I would like to make an offer on it. Lucky for me the Bank extended the pre approved mortgage and I was set. When I was using my real estate agent he suggested that I use a mortgage broker to find cheap mortgages. Boy was he wrong in the 5 months since I was pre-approved for a mortgage the rates have gone up almost 1.5 points and the broker told me that he could not come close to the Mortgage I got, lucky me. The Mortgage I got is really manageable and I should be ale to pay it off without any problems. I do not see myself getting a adverse credit remortgages in the future.


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