Sunday, December 23, 2007

Super Busy

Man I have been super Busy. But now I am super excited because Christmas is here. Come Christmas is presents.. Yeah Yeah Yeah.. lol. I wonder what I will be getting this year. Something Good I hope.

while posting has slowed down on this blog. My online endeavors have always been increasing. Lessons being learned and money being made. Not just enough money to my liking. Hopefully 2008 will be a break out year for Rob and I, and we and settle down to an easier life not full of work.

Merry X-Mass Everyone.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Hotel Reservations


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fun NIght!

Well let me say that last night at the Lord Byng staff Christmas party was a good one. We drank a lot of free beer and win. They made the mistake of giving me the Camera and I took over 200 pictures. We then closed down the party and went to a bar were we closed that down before heading home. I ended up getting to bed around 4 am and had a long day a recovering today. Which I am happy to say I am almost recovered. The photo's will be posted on Facebook Tomorrow at the latest. So be sure to check them out and be amazed.. lol anyway I am off to watch hockey talk soon

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Online Football Betting and More

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Website

Yes we have brought to you yes another fantastic website. This one was actually inspired by my Fiancee. Yes after weeks and weeks and having wedding songs searched and sent to me though msn to watch on you tube we have been inspired to make a Wedding song site. Yes not just a song that list wedding songs for you to listen to but for you to Listen to them via there Music Videos in you tube. The site have hope for us as we have not found any sites like that out there. Funny video sites in General do do well and this one is in a good niche. I am sure it will do well. The site is called Wedding Love Songs. Please be sure to check it out and let me know what you think of it.


My Mortgage

I do not know if I told you but back in march went looking for mortgages. Well I really just went to my bank and got pre-approved for x amount of dollars. I was pre-approved for 3 month and actually 3 days before it was sent to expire I went in and said I found a house and I would like to make an offer on it. Lucky for me the Bank extended the pre approved mortgage and I was set. When I was using my real estate agent he suggested that I use a mortgage broker to find cheap mortgages. Boy was he wrong in the 5 months since I was pre-approved for a mortgage the rates have gone up almost 1.5 points and the broker told me that he could not come close to the Mortgage I got, lucky me. The Mortgage I got is really manageable and I should be ale to pay it off without any problems. I do not see myself getting a adverse credit remortgages in the future.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Canucks WIn Again

Yes that is right the Canucks beat the wild tonight 4-2 with Marcus getting 3 goals. I am happy for him since he has not broken out for that many goals in a few years and he is playing a lot better with the Sedin twins. They have the Swedish touch and it seems to be a good touch for them right now. The next game is in 2 days on Friday. I am hoping I will catch it as I had to work tonight and did not see any of tonight's game.

Go Canucks Go.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Personal days

I did not go to work yesterday so I got bugged by most of them today saying I took a personal day. I want more personal day. I would be happy if I could just work 4 days a week right now. I am happy with 4. 5 days is just too much. I do envy Rob a little bit who was working a 3 day work week and will soon be retiring for that at the old age of 34. But who knows maybe in 8 years I will be like that. Actually I hope it would be sooner rather then later and retire by 30. But by the looks of things I may have a few hards years of work ahead of me before I can retire. I just hope it is not too many.

Garage Floors

As a carpenter I see, fix, and make a lot of garage floors. The last job I did I stained the floor to match the storage units we had installed. From what I am hearing, staining the concrete garage floors and other floors in the house is becoming more and more popular. If you Floor is cracked or you are just looking to change it the look of it up then you should check out they have a humongous selection or practically everything a man like me and you could think of. I have brought items for my dad from be sure to check them out if you want to do anything for your garage.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow is coming!!!

This morning it snowed in parts of the Greater Vancouver Area. I myself saw sleet were I was but the radio had reports of snow coming down in the valley and outer regions of the area. Dam it was cold too. I did not expect it so cold this early in the winter. I hope this means we will have a lot of snow days this year. I love the snow and snow days. Working in the snow is also fun and I would like to do that as well. Maybe because we do not actually work. hehe.

Police Gear For Sale

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Goggle got some of us

Well it looks like google has taken down several of us bloggers. Actually many bloggers to be exact. Google has dropped the PR in almost all site that us paid post systems. This blog was effected by it as well as many of my friends blogs. It is a sad day for google that they go after the everyday blogger who more then likely has there ads on there sites as well. Boo urns to google.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Did I mention?

Did I mention I got kicked out of my last hockey game? I do not think I did. Well it was for fighting and really I just tooled the guy I was fighting. He did not actually get his gloves off I was in there that fast laying hay makers. I do not know what got into me I just snapped and wham off went the gloves and away went the fists. I enjoyed it but it sucked that I could not play the rest of the game. I am sure he he dropped his gloves and the fight was fairer I would not have been ejected.


Onine Coupons

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Did U win

Did I win the 37 million last night for lotto? I do not know I should actually check them since I have lots of numbers. At work we decided to chip in and get some. We ended up having 18 people chip in 5 dollars so we got 90 $ worth of tickets. I think I will go and get the numbers and check our tickets at the bar when I am watching football. If I win I will be sure to let all you guys know. Would be nice to retire on Tuesday when I get the money. What would you do with 37 million?

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long weekend Coming up

This coming weekend is a long weekends for us here in Canada. It is remembrance day weekend where we remember those that gave their lives for us in war. I will be sleeping in a lot this weekend to make make up for all the work I have been doing this week. One more day of work then It is 3 days off. I have hockey and soccer this weekend so I will get some exercise in which is good for me. Anyway wish me luck for the lotto this saturay. I hope to have 37 million reasons to write about come Sunday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Online and On Time

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So tired

Well after working my first 14hr hour day yesterday I had a really really hard time getting to sleep, which was really restless. I struggled throughout the day but managed to finish it so far. I am really tired and do not look forward to tomorrows 14 hours day. Yeah for me. I have a lot of stuff to get done tonight and I am not looking forward to the long night that will become of it. I wish I could cuddle up to sleep with Jeanine right now

Monday, November 5, 2007

Do you use coupons?

Man oh Man we just had Halloween and now Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You know what this means right? Its almost Christmas time and with that comes the buying, giving and receiving of Christmas gifts, Yeah Yeah. It is so exciting I love the season. Recently I have started buying more and more gifts online and getting coupon codes online for various stores. Why not this way I know what I can get discounts on before I go out to the stores or even save myself the time of going to the stores and get it online. This year I am hoping (my wish list) for a nice wide screen tv from Best Buy. I think I will be getting something from Petco for her this year since she loves pets and wants a cat of her own. Either way the exciting season is soon upon us so you better start preparing for it soon.

Friday, November 2, 2007

October in review

Well October was a good month for me. In general I manged to earn over 500$ though Adsense and Paid Posts. If you include Gris earnings in there then I earned over 1k. But Gris earning is split with rob and put back into the business to hopes of making us more. I am off now to watch a movie and tonight I can;t wait to get lots and lots of sleep. Its Saturday tomorrow and I get to sleep in Yeah Yeah

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Canucks lose again!

Surprise surprise the canucks lose again tonight. That is like 4 in a row for them and they have 1 win in 7 tried at home now. Things are looking bad for them too. Our defense core is hurting big time. We had 2 key defense men leave tonights game trailing behind lots of blood. Kevin appeared to have a skate slice his calf and left a trail a blood everywhere. and Sami took a clearing pass square to the face. Not good news for us especially with the next 8 games all coming against divisional opponent. Our season could end really soon if we do not suck it up.

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Another loss in Hockey

Yes my ice hockey team lost again. That is now 9 in a row. You can say we are as bad as the Miami Dolphins. But we came close we lost 8-6, in a hard fought game. I scored my first game of the season playing defense again. I started the season off good but lately been playing like crap. I do not know what has been getting into me really. But it is pissing me off. Maybe it is the fact that I am playing soccer this year and it is throwing me off. What do you think?

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New Site!

I have the pleasure of announcing to everyone today the launch of an amazing new site: Save Buckets is a wonderful new site which enables you to type in the product you are looking for which it then search the web for the cheapest price available of that product. This is a time saver and a half. Be sure to check them out today or read there latest press release which I added below.


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Approaching 500

This week this blog will surpass the 500 post mark.. This is a massive milestone in the history of the blog. I am excited and happy. Also its Halloween night and time give out candy to the little kiddies. Also one of my favorites it is fireworks we will see. Yeah Yeah I am excited as I love fireworks.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Custom T-shirts..

One thing I like to do for people birthdays and special occasions is to print out custom t-shirts. That said, I find it really hard to find a good place here in Vancouver that has the t-shirts that I want, and is able to produce the amounts and quality I am looking for. I like and need variety for me to make my choice.

Until now I had to drive around for ours looking for the right look. But today that all changed when my sister found while looking for t-shirts for a upcoming Stag-et party. She knows I am always getting t-shirts printed and she though I would love this site and let me tell you I do. I can not wait till the next stag comes along cause I am going to get the perfect t-shirts.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Canucks lose again

The Canucks Lost again last night. They Seem to have the habit of losing and if this happens too often they will not make the playoffs. That will suck if this happens. I watches the game last night. They are playing better but bounces are not going there way at all. Also the refs are not giving them any calls either. The refs have been sucking and giving most calls against them.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Meh... I have seem to have a cough now and I do not like it. It is really annoying to get it now and I hope it goes away fast. I will be taking as many preventative measures as I can to make sure it goes away as fast as it can. I hope I am to shake this cough without getting a head cold or nose cough. I will play some soccer this weekend and hopefully it will be gone by Sunday night. I just home that it does not drain all the energy out of me and I do not have to go to the doctors soon. Actually I should go soon since I need a flue shot. I have not had mine yet for this year. I get it every year for free cause of my Asthma.

Lidget Concrete Garages

As a carpenter I see a lot of good work and a lot of crappy-shady work. One thing I do like it concrete Sectional Garages. I prefer concrete to wood frame because of the stability and cost of the garage. Lidget Concrete Garages have been long established in the business and have over 30 yrs of garage experience which they have used to build a reputation of building unsurpassed quality attractively designed buildings. One thing that differs Lidget from the others is its continuous investment in plant and machinery which it uses to develop state-of-the-art concrete garages which are rigid, strong and cost-effective in both design and manufacture. If your thinking about getting a garage build do not hesitate to give them a call or check out there website for more info on how they got there reputation


Adsense Down this Month

How is everyone doing for adsense this month? Adsense is down for me. All of the sites are down expect for one. It is one of my arcade sites which has been slowly increasing. That is god news.. We have also decided to try to add more ways of earning revenue to the sites we have. We are currently trying out widgetbucks and thenewsroom. So far they are making a little less then 1 dollar a day each so over all it is helping but not at the rate we would like them too.

Plumbing Sales Training

3 years ago was formed as a plumbing training company. Since then has expanded massively over the UK and now are able to boast they have training centers all over the UK. One thing they noticed is that many of their qualified plumbers have been inquiring about sales and what are they able to to increase the own business in this area.

After investigating that specific area they found out that it is actually very popular. For this reason has decided to expand and now provide Sales Training Courses UK for their qualified plumbers. Now not only are they offering plumbing training but sales training to help you expand and do more with your business.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well for the next 4 work days I have been transfered downtown to a different job location to help them finish up a job. I am hoping that it will not take that long as I think we have to pay for parking which sucks. But apparently it is only for a few days so I should be back at my old site soon enough. Yeah.

Oak Beds

Time4sleep is a UK based bed company who currently specialize in leather beds, as well as sell many other types of beds. Due to popular demand and requests by the public Time4sleep is now coming out with an Oak Bed Collection. See the attached picture for an example of a stunning Oak Bed.

I myself, as a carpenter, enjoy the look of Oak in the bedroom opposed to the more darker woods. I find it simple yet able to match with more surrounding then other woods. I like it with a light hardwood floor finish. It also will match with most carpets you can put in your bedroom as well. If you like Oak and want to see many styles of bed then be sure to check out A great source for Oak Bedding.

Why am I so tired....?

Why am I so tired? I did not go to work today instead I slept basically all day. This sucks. I should not be tired I am a young man. I should be up and full of energy. I have to start going to bed earlier and being more healthier as well. I hope there is nothing wrong with me and my body was just run down. I will get a good sleep tonight and be in bed earlier then usual.

Online Casino Review

There are many places to gamble on the internet and one has to be certain about a specific site before they deposit their money into any online casino. I myself have been known to gamble on occasion and have had some nice victories when betting on hockey for the Olympics in recent years.

In Canada you will get better odds if you use an online casino for gambling then if you used our national lotto system. However our system gives you higher numbers but it includes ties which instead of either winning or losings.. you can either win, lose , or tie.. thus giving them 2 ways to win and you only 1 way to win.

This is why I do not play sports action and when I do gamble I use an online bookie or casino. Better odds of winning is fine with me. But when you lose you help support the Canadian health care system if you play using sports action. The choice is yours, bigger payouts or better chance of winning.. is the best place online for finding out ink cartridge you need for you printer, copier and fax machines. Cartridge Finder has an easy to use interface which enagbles you to search find though there database of over 10,000 models and find your and the cartridge you need. When you have found your needed cartridge the site then checks's merchant listings to find you the best price on the product you need.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Site

Yes that is right GRIS is proud to present to you a new site Sports Only News. This is a great site which to me looks cool and will have such high hopes for. I think that if promoted this site has the potential to earn us some good money. We also put on some CJ ads on it. I will keep you informed if we make many money off them.

Hearos Ear Plugs

One thing, as a carpenter, I have to deal with at work is noise. Thus I have to use ear plugs all the time because the loud bangs and saw noises. For this reason if I want to keep my hearing I need to wear ear plugs.

My fiancee also uses ear plus but for different reasons for her I buy her earplugs from Hearos has all sorts different themed plugs for different uses and peoples needs. She like the "nemo" earplugs when she goes swimming and the "pretty pink" one for when we are sleeping.

This Christmas we are going to get some musician ear plugs for my sister. This way when she plays her harp in the orchestra she will not complain to us about the noise afterwards. Then she can not say that I do not care about her.

Job Search in Canada - Does your job Suck?

There is a new wave of job sites in town, and these guys really make it easier for you the job seeker, by letting the employer do all the work. I am talking about jobhunters the job seach site . So whether you are looking for hotel jobs in canada, or perhaps even teacher jobs in canada then why not make it simple for yourself, it only takes five minutes or less to fill out the form and your profile is online confidentially.

For many of us finding a job can be quite a time consuming endeavor, however it doesn't have to be that way so why don't you find a job the smart way.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Great source of info...

My fiancee came across this site the other day, when researching for cleaning products for our condo. She really like it so I though I would tell you about it. The site she found was There you are able to find products that you are interested in and find out from real people that have reviewed them on that site if it really works or not. My fiancee though it was funny when she sent me the link to provillus saying that I should get one of the products. Ha Ha I do not hair loss. But she though it was funny.

I had a look around to see if I could find anything funny to send her but I could not be as mean as her so I did not. I did see some interest products that I use and what other people though of them. I recommend this site if you are looking at trying a specific product for the first time. You never know you may find that a lot a people have had problems with it and you may not wish to get it. Like my Fiancee decided on another product after reading reviews on this site.

Christman Time is Coming!

Thats right everyone Christmas is coming with the holiday season just around the corner. You know what that means don't you? Now is the time that people are out looking for the Credit Card, that hopefully has low payments and interest, that they will use to the max to buy all the Christmas gift and toys they want this holiday season. I suggest you check out find the credit card which is right for you and apply for it. has Credit Card Applications from many different type of credit cards so that you are able to find the right one that will suit you specific needs. Do not just get one from you bank, you need to find the one that will suit you needs, not make the banks richer. Be smart check them out today.



Well tonight is the first time that I got over 10 games right for football. I managed 10 out of 14 which is really not bad. This good weeks puts me back in the hunt for some money come the end of the end of the season. I was close to winning the week which would have won me 600 or so $$ maybe ext week I will get 11 or 12 and win the week.. Wish me luck.

A View that Won't Disappoint

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Is football Day

Yes Sunday is football day and today I am actually doing good in terms of my football pool. I have 9/12 games right with 1 more tonight and 1 more tomorrow night. If I win the week I would win over 600$ which would be most welcome right now. But I am losing in the night game so far. But you never know the team I picked may still make a come back and I end up going 10 for 13 which is really good.

Top 5 sites that Refer people here!

1.Munny 4 Hunny
2. Turn 1 Pound into a Million
3. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
4. play free game
5. free stuff

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New table for Apartment

Today we brought our first real furniture for the apartment. We got an Ikea table and chairs from Craig's list. It was super.. WE saved close to 200$ on a dinner table and chairs. Apparently they were just used to stage a house and that is all. That is great deal for something that is basicially brand new. I am so excited and happy for us.. yeah yeah Yeah..

Top 5 sites that Refer people here!

1.Munny 4 Hunny
2. Turn 1 Pound into a Million
3. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
4. play free game
5. free stuff

Heelys and Rollerblades

As an adult now I look at todays generation of kids and see that they ave so much more fun and cool stuff that I did not have growing up. One of the cool items I wish I had as a child was heelys. It would be so cool to be able to ride/walk around in those as a child as kids do now. If you are like me and want this cool stuff or want it for you kids then be sure to check out They have a huge variety heelys and other cool items. The also have some reasonable rollerblades, which I will say I have been lucky enough to be able to own and use for the past decade. has so much more for the everyday active kid out there. If I was a parent I would check them out for myself and my kids. They have almost everything you will need for you kids activites. Check them out today.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Hung Over

Man I am hung over right now. I went out last night and I did not get home until 4ish in the morning. I did nothing today, what a waste of a day. Plus I am missing my soccer game tonight and I missed my hockey game last night which sucks. I have to go to the gym soon and make up for this loss in the fitness department. Oh well looks like some wind sprints on Wednesday's for soccer will try and get me back into shape?

Top 5 sites that Refer people here!

1.Munny 4 Hunny
2. Turn 1 Pound into a Million
3. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
4. play free game
5. free stuff

Need a new Mailbox?

Is your mailbox old and broken down? looking for a new one. The Mailbox Exchange has all types of mailboxes for you. If you are looking for residential mailboxes, or commercial mailboxes you can find them at the Mailbox Exchange. These guys not only have Mailboxes but mailbox accessories. They have a wide range of prices with several going as high as 2k+. Most I found were very reasonable.

One thing I like about this site is that they give you a 25 dollar gift certified for Handy Man if you need help with the installation. If you are thinking of getting a new Mailbox then give them a visit.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Internet makes life easier for us..

Yes the internet has made life much easier for some of us. Here is another reason to love the internet. is a web site which makes it easy and simple for you to make hotel reservations.

I was looking for places to start for a possible trip this winter when I came across it. I was amazed how easy it was for me to book London hotels and Dublin hotels. Since those are the places I would like to visit in Europe. I was amazed how easy it was and love the fact that I have found it and can use it in the future when ever I please. Thank you internet.

Tropic Storm coming!!

We here in Vancouver are awaiting the remnants of a tropic storm this even which will bring strong winds and more rain. Yeah more rain. It has been pissing down all right and all day and they expect it to only get worse. Not as bad as the ones from last year where we lost power for 4 days. But still a bad storm. I know I will be cozy inside watching tv. What will you be doing?

More Quibblo

Yes, I have decided to do another Quibblo post because things have changed a little bit at the Quibblo and I want you to all know about them. Quibblo now has special pages devoted to the most popular quiz topics. Now they just made it easier for you to find your favorites such as movie or gay quizzes. Or you can be like my little sisters and take Harry Potter quizzes and have competitions with her friends. If you have not seen the site please check it out. It is a fun time to be had by all, which will keep you coming back for more.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vancouver number 1

lol this is so great. Vancouver is number 1. My faince jsut found this and I have to show it to all of you. The truth hurts, so please enjoy and let me know what you think of where I live...

Nations Finance is a web based company which does teh searching for when it comes to most finical matters. Honestly there is no point in me or you trying to search out all the cash back credit cards that are out there and how they work. Let these guys do it for you.

When you go for a homeowner loan or fixed rate mortgages all the banks and credit unions out there are going to want to get the highest rate off you so they make the most money. You need to be armed with the most information as possible and has it all for you.

I was told to compare compare car insurance when I was younger but that was it. they are there to help you, to explain what needs to be done and how to do it. The ultimate tool that everyone should be antiquated with.

Best to Shop around for Credit Cards

In my experience you should shop around for the best credit cards that you can find before you get one. You do not want to be like me and have 7 or 8 because I kept seeing a better one and getting it. There are many different credit card offers out there and I have found a site called which breaks down each credit card offer for you to compare so you can choose which one better suites you needs. I personally go for the credit cards that are 0% credit cards for balance transfers. If they will save me money in the long run then I like it. I mean why have a credit card that charges 21% when you can get one for a lot less. Do what make sense to me and get the lesser on. Remember most of these Credit Cards you will not have heard of because the companies are not going to advertise the cheapest ones. Make the switch today.

UK Dept Consolidation

Being in debt is tough on everyone and having to consolidate is extremely hard. Do not worry you can get debt help and a loan UK with the click of a finger. is here to help you with everything from find out how much or how to get a homeowner loan and assist in finding mortgage offers to ensure that you get the best rate out there. Sooner or later you or someone you know is going to need the use of a loan. Now you know a great place to start you off,

What kind of loans have you had?

As for me I have had the pleasure of experiencing two different type of loans. For me it seems easy to secure a loan, but in the same time I have seen my friends being turned down while I got mine.

My First venture into adulthood was when I went looking for personal loan deals at my bank. I was able to secure one right away which surprised me. The next kind of loan I ended up getting was a mortgage loan. I had teh experience of getting a mortgage for my current place. To me it also seemed easy. I was surprised how easy it was and how smotth I ended up getting my new place.

The cash advance loan is one type of loan that I have yet to get and hopefully I will be able to keep my head above water and not need one. Though I see how in todays world that I could need one in the future.

It helps to compare!

Take it from me, someone who just had to take out a mortgage to buy an apartment, that when you are in the market you need to compare different banks in order to find cheap mortgages. I compared mortgages and saved money and you should too if you do the same.

I also believe that credit card comparison should also be done before you choose to get your credit card. I did this before I got my recent ones. I had to decide which points system was I likely going to use and take advantage of.

Actually in all realitity you should compare car insurance and compare loans before deciding to get either of the above. Its your money and when it comes down to the nitty gritty you should be entitled to do what you want with it. I suggest saving your money for something you want. Thats why I always compare things that cost money. You should too.

More sleep.

I am finding that I am sleeping 4-6 hours during the week ad 7 -9 on the weekends. I am wondering if you think that is is healthy? I do not know how I am doing it really. I wish I was able to get more sleep but that would mean most night not being able to talk to my business partner, Rob, who live across the globe in NewZeland. Despite the time differences I think the partnership is working out. Money is coming in and going out and we are learning in this journey. Hopefully soon it will be all passive money being earned and enough to focus more on this then what I am doing when I leave this screen. Wish me the best and hope that you can find karate myspace layout

when you need to.. Wish me luck.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Camelback Displays

Are you in business and want to increase on what you already have? Then you need to participate in trade shows and you will need excellent trade show displays & trade show exhibits if you want attract new customers. This is where Camelback Displays steps in. Camelback Displays offers all types of trade show displays for one-stop-shopping. They carry the full spectrum of accessories that you will need to put yourself above everyone else, from flooring to brochure racks and anything in between can be added to your exhibit.


Venturing out again!

I am venturing out again as I brought some more advertising for one of our sites again. I hope all goes well this time. The first time I did this things did not go well but I was able to get our money back minus the paypal fee's. Which was a sigh of relief for me since it was for 100$ I hope this one goes well as it will bring in extra money and hopefully pay for itself. I will let you know if it is a bust or not.

Also if you looking to hide only your comments then you know where to go.. My sites.. hehe
It's a fact that World of Warcraft is actually the number one selling MMORPG in the North American region since its launch in November 2004. If you are wondering what wow gold is, it's the most valuable type of currency in the World of Warcraft game and is mainly used to trade with vendors and other players. Most sites that sell wow gold will let you purchase it with paypal.

If you are looking for a safe and secure way to level your WOW character you can use a wow powerleveling service. If you are looking for other great tips then here are some great wow tips for bother new and experienced players. There are loads of resources for wow out there on the internet, its just a matter of searching for them.

World of Warcraft portals are becoming a very popular resource for players of the game.

Try It Before You Buy It

I know that buying from a jewelry store online can be stressful if you're not really sure what to expect. With that in mind, I always recommend Adolf Jewelers, the Virginia jeweler with the selection you'd expect from an online store, but with the service you can really only get by going into an actual store. Their selection of designer jewelry and diamond engagement rings is second to none, and the staff there is great at making sure you find the perfect piece for whomever you're shopping for. Check them out today and I'm sure you'll be shopping with them for a long time. Relax, they'll make you happy!

2 in a row

Last night we won in soccer again. It was our 2nd in a row and now we sit a top of the tables with a 3-1-1 record. We won 3-1 in a hard fought battle. They scored first in the first in the first 10 minutes and to me looked like they were going to control the game. However we regained our composure and took over the game. I was playing defense today so I was unable to contribute offensively. It was an excellent weather for soccer too. Nice and warm, for this time of year anyway. Next game next Saturday. Wish me luck.

Mint Credit Cards

I believe I can safely saw that here in North America that 95% of us have and carry credit cards with us all the time. Now most of us do use them regular, I myself do, and some of us do get into balance problems and can not or do not pay there monthly fees and fall behind. This putting extra money from your pockets into the Credit Cards pockets. Now you can help stop this growing problem with a Brand new Mint credit card. The credit card offer is for a 0% credit card which includes no interest on balance transfers for 13 months. This means is you are up to your next in dept on several other Credit cards and the interest you are paying is too much. They my dice for you is to get the Mint credit card because it will save you the interest on all Balance transfers. So in turn cancel your other Credit cards and you then own mint that money but they will not charge you any interest on that balance for 13 months. That is one way of saving your money. Get a Mint credit card today and stop paying high interest rates on your current balances for over one year.

Hard to find semiconductors and Obsolete ICs

When working on electronic projects you often need to be able to locate End of life electronic parts and they can be very difficult to find. Luckily there is a great site that can help you out with components like Obsolete ICs and even Hard to find semiconductors and all the hard work is done for you.

The site works like this, first you register, then you submit a request for a quote for whatever hard to find electronic components you are after. The sales staff at will work with suppliers to locate the parts and then provide you with an estimate after weighing up the best delivery and pricing options. If you accept the quote you supply them with a purchase order and its all done. No more hunting for hours trying to find those hard to obtain parts.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Since I am in the construction business I am all about finding the cheapest but quality product that I am able to give the most markup for. I recently found which I must tell you about. Floorzbuzz is a wholesale company that supply's products at low margins creating huge volumes thus passing savings onto us the customers. Floorzbuzz offers Kronotex Laminate Flooring, Legacy Marble, Iznik Travertine and other popular branded floor & wall coverings as well as tile. This site and company is for home builders as well as anyone building a home or remodeling it will save and make you money if you know what mean. They take the time to go through stringent quality inspections making sure the highest quality standards of travertine tile, laminate flooring, glass tile and ceramic tile are met. That way only the best is shipped out to everyone in North America. With the quality they are just another company in the sea. Check them out if you are looking to do work to your home.


Finially A happy Day

Yes finally A happy day today. Its Sunday and soon I am going to go watch some football. I have a soccer game later today as well the Canucks won yesterday. So some good news in the last 24 hours. I wish I could say that my quest for making money online was full of good news. Well a little good news today google has put back all the keywords for one of my sites which for some reason was taken off. But it is now back on and the traffic will increase thus making me more money and making me happy.

Yeah Yeah

Interactive Media Marketing Agency

When I browse the internet these days I come across lots of sites. Many of them are poorly done and are in need of help. Lots of help, in lots of area's if they want to take there site to the next level. What they need is an excellent Interactive Media Marketing Agency to help them. That agency is interactive marketing agency that specializes in exciting media presentations for web sites. They are able to help you out with your website on so many levels. They have such services as Internet Marketing Strategy, Interactive Media Development, Innovative Web Design, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Online Game Development, and Viral Marketing all specially designed uniquely for you. Why waste good money elsewhere with companies that do not care if you succeed or fail? Terralever has Marketing Services that include Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, link building, Casual Online Gaming, Interactive Marketing, Email Marketing which can be tailored to meet your companies/websites needs.

This interactive media marketing agency has everything your site and company needs to succeed in the vast wide world of the internet. They bring a dynamic and wide range of quality traits to the table for you to take advantage of. You could be looking for something simple such as the little picture below, or wanting hype for a massive marketing campaign you need for new website or product. Terralever is the company to get you on your way. No matter how big or small your journey is is the interactive media marketing agency that recomend you use.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Business of Search Engine Optimization

These days it’s really important to get your website to appear in Google’s search results. More and more people are turning to the Internet when researching places to purchase products or services. No longer are people searching the yellow pages for businesses to purchase products and services from. How do you get your website to appear in Google’s search results? It’s easy – you just have to hire a Toronto Search Engine Optimization specialist. Search engine optimization, also know as SEO, involves added keywords and phrases to a website’s coding and building links back to the website. A skilled SEO professional will know exactly what to do.

How much do SEO services cost? Well, it can vary greatly from company to company – some may charge several thousand dollars and a monthly fee, or some Toronto SEO Company may just charge you a flat monthly fee to get your website in Google’s search results. A word of warning – companies that charge expensive monthly fees for SEO are taking advantage of you because there isn’t much work involved to keep your website on page one of Google once you’re there. Once the SEO Company has positioned your website in Google’s search results, there is very little chance that the website’s ranking will fall unless your website is penalized by Google for some reason, or your competition takes on an aggressive SEO campaign to bump you from the top. Therefore, it’s probably best to negotiate an upfront fee for the service rather than expensive monthly payments.

If you have the time and dedication, you can even learn Search Engine Optimization yourself. You can visit SEO forums online or even read SEO Blogs, and in no time you should be able to move up little by little in Google’s search results.

Cancer Awareness

It is extremely important for everyone to be aware of the risks of cancer. Most of us have known someone who has been effected by this terrible disease and knowing how to help is something that most of us would probably like to know. If you do want to know more about it then there is a great blog written by a guy who has battled with testicular cancer himself. He has written about his story in lots of detail and then his other articles discuss how he is living his life today as well as information about other cancers such as lung, prostate. There are quite a mix of articles on the blog such as relevant links to news articles on cancer and other illnesses so it is highly informative. The blog is a positive pink color which makes it feel a lot more cheerful than you would expect from the subject matter. So if you want to be inspired by a fighting spirit or just want more information (and there is a lot!) then this blog will be very useful to you.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Credit Cards

Wow I just have to say right now that I came across an excellent site for helping you choose the right Credit Cards for you. is from what I have seen the best place for you to look at all the different Credit Card Offers out there with out have to look up each individual credit card company. They have everything all sorted our for you when you get there. You are able to search for the different type of card you want if it be Business, airline miles, cash back, balance transfers and much much more. All this is at your fingertips just a click away. The part I found most usefull was the Student Credit Cards section since it was perfect ofr students and I wish I had found out this site when I was a student. Either way I have forwarded to my sister and her friends who are still students. Maybe they can benefit from this.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Web Hosting

Ok everyone todays post is going to be a simple one for all of you. If you want good reliable web hosting for your websites then I suggest you head over to They have the best information for you to be able to make your choice on who you want for you Cpanel hosting need. Why waste countless hours searching the internet looking for the right one for you. Save your time and money and go to They have already done the work for you. Now all you have to do is decide which host you want.


Phoenix University

If you really want to improve your qualifications but do not think you have time. Or maybe your work is so busy that you do not think that you will in any classes. Perhaps you have children and you cannot leave them during the day. Maybe you have searched online for courses to study but are not sure that the web is the right place for a student to look for such things. This is where the University of Phoenix can help. They run flexible degree course programs at the weekends and during the evenings so even people with the tightest daily schedule can find time to attend their classes. The have convenient locations and make everything as simple as they can so that they cause minimal disruption to your daily schedule.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is a great place for a student who wants to study at a time convenient for them. You can find their details online so take a look on the web for more details. Doing this type of course allows you to study whenever is convenient to you so that you can still do your job, look after your children and fit it around your busy life. The University of Phoenix offers degree courses which means that you can get a good qualification and just study weekends and evenings. They do their best to make everything from enroling to scheduling as easy as possible for your convenience. So if you are looking to increase your qualifications but have a busy lifestyle then this type of course could be just the type of thing that would suit you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Teen Bedding

I remember having a strange time being a teen, I was no longer a child and yet I was not quite an adult either. When it comes to sleeping the bedding I had was a bit bland and boring, so it's great to see that now there is a really good Teen Bedding website that not only has a great range of bedding, it also lets you create your own personalized bedding products. uses the latest super cool new technology that allows them to dye any design, image or photo into their bedding products that they sell!

Because there is no one style that suits teens this site realizes this. This being said this site is able to make the coolest bedding out there! For any teen.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Folding Tables and Table Linens

With the holiday season on its way there always seem to be extra visitors and nowhere for them to sit down. Families seem to grow all of the time and having extra chairs and tables would always be handy for family get togethers and also for parties. Finding room to store them when they are not in use can be difficult. However, if you use folding tables and folding chairs you can store them more easily in cupboards or the garage. If you decide to buy extra furniture make sure that you remember to get the linen to go with it. I also always seem to be short of table linens especially a nice big tablecloth so before this holiday season take a look at what you have and make sure that it will be enough.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is key if you want your website to be successful. It is no good having a good website if no one can find it when they do a search. SEO at Sea can help you with your Organic Search Engine Opimization and provide SEO for any budget. They do individual seo consultations to make sure that you get a solution applicable to the individual nature of your website.

Business Promotion

If you are looking for a new business promotion idea then you should consider using Promotional Products. These will allow your customers and clients to have a small gift with your company name and/or logo on it to help them to remember you. Adcentives West provide a large selection of this type of Business Promotional Items from trade show giveaways to custom corporate gifts. So if this type of thing sounds useful to your company then take a look at their website where there have a huger range of items from desk and writing materials, to clothing and bags, sports item and even Christmas cards.

Life Insurance Settlements

If you are interested in Life Settlements (sometimes called Viatical Settlements) then you may like to take a look at Safe Haven Financial Center. You can easily find out if you qualify just by filling in a quick questionnaire online. They can even send you a Life Settlements brochure or you can take a look at their Life Settlement FAQ's. If you do not have this type of insurance they can provide you with a Term Life Insurance Quote Online.

Planning for Baby

It is not easy to plan a pregnancy but once you know that a baby is on the way it is a good idea to take a look at some baby and infant how to guides in order to find out as much as you can. No information that you read can beat your natural maternal instincts but knowing that all babies go through the same stages and all Mums have the same worries can really help when you are stressed out trying to buy a baby crib or choose a baby name

Success With Auctions

Success with auctions is a website which is specifically aimed at anyone who is trying tomake money online on the overrated internet. It is specifically aimed out people who are trying to make money with auctions and even has details on how make money with ebay, the most popular auction site on the Internet. So if you want to make money from ebay then this site is well worth a visit.

Recreational Vehicles

There are many factors that you should consider if you’re thinking or buying a Monaco, Winnebago, Holiday Rambler or any other type of recreational vehicle. There are three main different classes which have different attributes depending on your preference. Class A RV’s are becoming less popular as they are very expensive to run, especially with the rise of fuel prices.

Picking the right RV can be a very challenging job if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Always revise what you want from your RV as this can influence your decision. Set your budget and then find the best model that falls into it as the price can be infinite with all of the available modifications on the market.
An experienced rv’er would be able to recommend the perfect motor home for you so don’t jump into buying the first one you see that you like. Shop around to find the best deals in your area.

Below you will find a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of RV so you can get a better understanding if you’re new to the motor home industry.

Class A

These are motorized bus style vehicles so the main attraction is the fact they are very practical. People that travel a lot of plan on taking many family vacations should consider one of these.

One of the big pitfalls with Class A Motorhomes is the initial cost and running costs. They consume large amounts of fuel so they can be costly in the long run. The larger Class A motorhomes can be hard to manoeuvre which tends to put many people off.

Class B

Class B recreational vehicles are one of the most popular RV’s in today’s world as they are very economical and easily drivable. You can practically take them anywhere which appeals to many people as they are not restricted as they are not too big.

The downside to this specific type of motor home is that they are small, you can only fit a limited amount of people inside comfortably and they have minimum storage space.
Class C

The main characteristic that stands out on a Class C is the safety. They are very secure and economical to drive. They make great family vehicles as you can regularly go on family vacations bringing you closer then before.

You are restricted in areas you can take this type of RV as they can become overweight if you have excess luggage or if it’s too long.

A good resource for comparing RV’s is the RV Comparison Guide which can be found online at JR Consumer Resources. They are a consumer based company that rates RV manufacturers and compares each manufacturer regarding customer satisfaction, quality of construction and resale value.