Wednesday, February 28, 2007

End Of February

Well Today is the end of February and It concludes the first full month of blogging online. Tomorrow I will be posting the full stats and a review of the month for my sites. I will also be posting some goals for March and beyond. I am happy that I have completed some of my goals for the month of February.

1. I was able to get my idea for our blog review site up and running. It is still very "raw" but it is alive. Anyone with any suggestions for it by all mean let me hear them.

While both blog/sites I have a still very new I have managed to reach out into other people's blogs and find out what to do. Here is a small List of people and there blogs I wish to thank.

Burtle - Million Dollar Experiment Down Under - For being my first link back to this site even though It doesn't show up on the technorati ratings that there are any linking back here. (Anyone know what is wrong and how to fix this. It also says that Haven;t updated this is 22+ days)
Frank - Overtime - His blog is fun to read and has supported me in my efforts.
John Chow dot Com - The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul - Where would all us novices be with out this great money making machine?
Rachel - Turn one pound into one million She has helped me out with my Blog Review Site which I am grateful for.
And last but not least the one feed burner subscriber I have. I don't know who you are but thank you.

Remember Check back tomorrow for my stats with a little review of February, as well as my goals for March.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vancouver Canucks Alumni

As some of you know I play beer league hockey out of 8-rinks in Burnaby. Which also happens to be the site where the Vancouver Canucks practice out of. Well at my last game I was watching the game before us on the rink next to the one I was supposed to play in and guess who was playing? The Vancouver Canucks Alumni were having a fun game. I recognized a few of the recently retired Canucks and those that are on TV. I recognized Gary Valk straight away with his chiseled chin. I saw some Canucks greats such as Brouder (sp?) It was interesting to watch as some of them were slow but you noticed that they passed hard and out of no where came their super hard shots. It was fun and you cold see why they were pros B/C despite there age they would have still kicked my hockey teams ass any day.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Promoting vs Income

I have come to realize that during my short blogging career that to have and maintain and decent blog takes up a lot of time and work. I have realized that there is way more effort required then I led to believe when I started. No one told me that I would have be actively promoting my blog day in and day out. That for several Payperpost you have to have a active blog 90 days or older to qualify. So here is a list of things that new bloggers should know before they start blogging.

1. Be prepared to post everyday or almost everyday. If you are not ready/willing to site down and take the time to type or look things up then don't bother starting a blog.

2. If you think/want to make money online through you blog and other resources then be prepared to wait. The first several months of your blog you must be out there actively promoting yourself to other blogs and sites. Link exchange is a must.

3. Actively link exchange. Why? because you will need the return links to you site. Google page rank and other stats use this a "voting" system and ranks you blog/site accordingly to the amount you have linking back to your site. The more you have the more advertisers will pay to advertise on your site.

4. Sign up with technorati, alexa, as well as any other sites that track your incoming links and will give you ranking. The better your ranking the better chance you will have for earning money.

5. Expect tough times for the first several month. Expect lots of effort with little return. After several months hopefully you will have created a viewer base and a large number of return links. From there the effort should decrease and you should see some return on your investment of your time. But be aware, do not decrease your effort to such low levels because you should always put effort into what you do.

6. Encourage and participate in discussion when comments are left on your blog. When new people come to your site and they see comments they instantly see that this site is popular ( people regularly visit it ) this will encourage them to come back and they may even leave comments of there own.

7. Keep your content your own and be your self..... HAVE FUN and use spell check.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

John Chow dot Com

Now this blog is a must read. A must read daily if you are into blogging and want to see how it is done correctly. You must go to his blog daily if you want to see how money is made through blogging. This guy looks like a super genuine human being and there are not many of there out there. He resides in Richmond which is a stones throw away from Vancouver where I reside. I visit this site daily for his great content. He seems to be always able to have posts on cool neat things as well as be the first to introduce us to many things before I see them on the main stream sites. How he does this I do not know. He also has this cool thing where you can review his blog and he will post a link to your site from him.. Can you Believe that? A link from one of the biggest names in blogging to your site? If you want that then click here to find out more. What else is great is that he actually post what he earns and how from his site. This is a great way for blogger like you and me to learn from the best and put his info to good use on our own blogs. This site has awesome content I know once you find it for the first time you will be there every day like me.


So after a long time of watching people in different forums make post after post about this site I decided to finally sign up for it. I am a little bit learly about it so we will have to wait and see if they will pay out. This is a exrememly new site which pays you for using them as your search engin. They also pay out extra for the referrals you are able to bring in. Here is a picture of there payout scheme.

Naturally one would make lots of money if you were able to refer a lot of people and have them be active. I doupt I will be able to get many people to sign up but I will try. I will post my results and if this is real and not a scam when I find out more.

If you want to give them a try like I am doign then sign up here.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Can't Help myself here!

Sorry Guys I can't help my self posting this clip for you guys. But I just think some of the stuff this guy does in insane. It a clip from somewhere in Russia, most likely a ghost town with all the empty apartments. You see some other video's out there with people who do this stuff but not a good as this guy. The vid is 8 Min's long and is a little slow at the start but picks up.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Always Looking

Don't you find you are always looking to find new ways to earn money online. Shouldn't that time be spent better in making your current methods more productive? I think that is what is wrong with my method of obtaining wealth online. I believe that is my problem, as well as most of ours who are in the same boat. I bet if I spend more time promoting and working my current methods of income then I would be able to increase my overall income faster then if I were continually seeking new methods. This is why I will focus more in my current methods instead of seeking out new ones. I am not saying if I am presented with a possible source that I will not take it. I will not be actively looking for them. I will let them find me.

Also I will post at the end of the month the earnings totals so far.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the mood

Well since I am in the mood to post Movie trailer's here is one that I saw a few months ago and though it might have been a joke. But I recently seen a similar trailer on Tv. My girlfriend loves it and can't wait for it to come out and take me to see it. I recken it should be a funny and can;t wait to see it.


Monday, February 19, 2007

The Simpsons Are comming!

Check this out! the Simpson's are coming. For all those who didn't know the Simpson are coming out with a full length movie this summer and I can not wait to see it. Here is a short trailer I found on u tube. It looks great and I am looking forward to seeing it.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

We have lift off!

We have lift off!!!!!!! We have our first review up on Our blog Review web site. Hopefully it is a sign for things to go. Also it looks like we will break 100 page views today. Still the record for my sites is 179 but the day is still very young. Actually Sundys have been the most viewed day of the week for my sites so far. Rememberr if you or anyone you know wants or needs there blog/site reviewed tell them to visit Our Blog Review and send us a email and we will review your site/blog. On a bright note it is a sunny day here in Vancouver which has been rare for us this winter so I may go outside and enjoy it before the rain comes again.

Ice hockey Game today

Well I just got back from my Ice hockey game. I thought I would write about the team and game. Even though we lost 7-5 we played our best game of the season by far. We played a team that started the season many tiers above us and have come down. Actually it was a team full of Croatians. I though I was at a soccer game with all there fans there watching. Anyway back to the game. They were an extremely good skating team and looked like the had an advantage over us. They started strong and score first. However we battled hard and the first period ended 3-2 for them. Half way through the second we picked up our game and I though dominated them for the rest of the game. However they got Lucky and we had a break down which they took full advantage of and scored on their chances. We ended the game strong but fell short. In the game I scored 11 goal and added 2 assists. The other team had someone taping the game so if I get a copy of it I will try and put up the clip of my goal cause it was a beauty. It was a breakaway I deaked and feinted and put it on my backhand top shelf where your momma keeps teh cookie jar. lol.. lets hope i get a copy of my goal so I can post it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Online Games

Part 1

Well I do not have much time tonight so I tough I might make this a several part series. Online Games.... do you play any and if so what games do you play?

We all know that there are many types of online games out there. We have our Online managerial game soccer/hockey etc. etc. We have our online role playing games. Our Vs games. The games we play for money I guess from today's Post if anyone reads it I would like to know what type of online game you play if any. Also can you guess the types that I play?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy V-day to everyone out there. Hopefully you all had good nights and will have happy mornings. I jsut want to say a big I-LOVE-YOU to my wonderfull girlsfriend of 4 years today Jeanine. I love you.

I hope everyone enjoys your evening and drive safely.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Lot

So I signed up yesterday for Mylot. Mylot is a community where you have open discussions about anything you want. While at the same time earning a little bit of money for doing so. The idea of how it works is simple. You post messages and receive money for doing so. MY guess is that the site receives ad revenue and disperses it out to its community based on the amount of posts/time you spend there. I think that those people who like message boards and group discussions would like this place because aside from doing what you like you would also receive a little bit of money for your time. They pay you out monthly when you reach 10 dollars minimum and they pay though pay pal. I know of several people who have received money form them so do not be afraid of being scammed. There users base is almost 70k and growing. I have enjoyed my experience s far and would see myself using this If I wanted or need a quick answer to a question and no one was around to help me with it..

If you are interested and want to sign up then click here or here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging Ain't Easy

Blogging ain't easy let me tell you that. When I first started I was unsure of the amount of time and effort I would be putting into my blog. Well 20 post later I realize that Blogging on a regular basis is not easy. It is almost like having a second or third job. That said if you don't enjoy blogging then you will eventually stop and your blog will die a pain full death.

I have found that I do enjoy my blog but at the same time I do also find it a challenge to come in here everyday with something somewhat new for you everyday. And I am sure as summer approaches I am sure the warmer weather and longer days will make be yet another challenge for me to face. It just means several things. That when I am online I have to be efficient now. Not go out doing nothing when I should be updating. Have a plan, have a time limit - if I stick to them both I am sure I shall succeed

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another thing From the Million Dollar experment down under

Getting a Z-List injection up the Technorati Ladder

How can I participate in the Z List ?
Create a new post, copy and paste the list of blogs below. Add Stratz's blog if you wish and any other Blogs that you like. (make sure you don't include your own blog).

Thats it, publish the post and feel the warm glow that comes from sharing!

top paying list
Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
A blog review
If you want to make money
Getting Rich
How to Earn Money Blogging
How to earn money online?
Monetize Your Blog
My Journey to One Million Dollars
My Quest to Success
Online Money Reviews and Tips
Promoting Your Site
The College MarketerThe Making of an Internet Entrepreneur
Turn Your Blog Into Money Making Machine
Mike's Money Making Mission
Flee the Cube
Blogging Secret
Blogging to Fame
Kumiko's Cash Quest

Million Dollar Experiment Down Under

Million Dollar Experiment Down Under is a web site i have been following for a while now. It is about a guy and his efforts in his version of the Million Dollar Experiment. He is from NewZeland which would make his attempt at a million a little easyer then most b/c most sites online pay you in US dollars so his gets convereted into NZ dollars. Either way I am cheering for you mate. If you check out his site you will notice that I have taken a few ideas from his site. He is starting out well so it looks like he has a chance at doing well.

Make a Million online experment

You could say that this blog is now a hybrid of the Million Dollar Experiment. As you can see I have been adjusting my this blog to focus on my progress in earning money online. As you can see I have set a bunch of goals for myself. Once you set a goal you should know what your going to do after you reach your goal. That is why I have a bunch of steps in reach my ultimate goal or creating a viable income off the Internet.

My first goal is to receive a check/money off the Internet. It is a small step but a big step. It is the first step in making a million dollars online. Your first paycheck.

On the right hand side you can see what the rest of my goals are. I may add and subtract to them as time goes on.

Hopefully you will join me and enjoy my journey as much as I do.

Blog is still young

While this blog is still fairly young, I seem to not be so consistent with writing in it everyday. While that is something That I should be able to do once one gets use to the fact that one has a blog and getting in a habit of updating it everyday. Today I will try to get this blog looking the way I want it and get it heading in the right direction. So wish me luck on my journey inthis blog.

Friday, February 9, 2007

So many way's, So little time,

After checking around other sites and search engine's. I have discovered that there appears to be a lot of sites and ways out there to make little chunk's of money. How to make lots as is every ones goal? From what I can see to reach your goal of creating an extra income you need a large readership base. These reader also need to follow your ideas as well. kinda like the saying "you say jump, I say how far". Well almost like that. They have to believe in what you say and the products/methods that you bring forward for them. Its as simple as that.

- Create a readership base
- Have them believe that they can also become like.
- Have them believe that they can make money the same way you are.
- Be honest and don't mislead your readers.

Also you have to appear like you enjoy your doing what your doing otherwise people will become uninterested.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Site Content

After looking around different blogs I have come to realize that in order to have a successful blog ( success to most people is deems by how much money you bring in.) Your content has to be somewhat original, we written, be able to help the reader out in some way or another. You could also bring a new twist to something old or just be a very different this exciting guy/girl that grabs everyone attention. Or it cold be a really important and bring new idea's - methods to the readers in order to help them make money online.

When I able to do it I hope to be able to provide you the reader with a least half of the above mentioned. Granted I am no John Chow but I will try my best to deliver something that you enjoy to read. ...... ( and hopefully be able to make money as well )


Sorry everyone, I have had a death recently and havn't been able to post anything at all. I hope to be able to resume posting later this week or early next week some time.


Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Sunday

Well it is Super Sunday today. Its the Super Bowl and my birthday today. Not entirely sure if I will watch the big game today. I am not as interested in it as I am interested in the regular season. I had some spare time last night and I my I didn't feel like working on the Blog Review so I put together another little blog called My ALGOCO which I hope to be able to direct potential referrals to and encourage the to sign up with Agloco.

I will also be signing up for feed burner and some other neat stuff. So look for them soon

Friday, February 2, 2007


Well today I was thwarted in my attempts at putting in a solid 4 hours on my website. I was called into my second job to work a extra shift. it leaves me a little disappointed but life goes on. Look for a few new things to pop up there by Monday. I should be working on the other pages other then the main page on the site.

Are you getting ready for Superbowl? For some reason I am not as excited about it as previous seasons. Oh well next time maybe.

But hey those Canucks are winning. Go Canucks Go.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Welcome to February

Welcome February the shortest month of the year and My birth month as well. Another hard day at work and another day where time restraints as prevented me from working on my site. My goal is to still have it running in beta form by the end of the month. Also I missed my Algoco Target for January so I will still be aiming for the same this month.