Wednesday, March 28, 2007

30 million reasons

Up here is Canada there has been a bit of negative publicity recently regarding our government run lotteries. More so our scratch and wins as well as our big lotto. They have discovered that a store owner is more likely to win then anyone else. Back east there were a lot of stores that would put little pin pricks in the scratchy's and then check the numbers, keeping the winners for them selves and selling the losers. More recently the major scandal is that the local store owners are checking the lotto tickets and telling the customers that they didn't win or they only won 10 dollars when in fact they won millions. I have always checked my tickets at home before going to the store and giving them my ticket for them to check. I never every just give my ticket to the store clerk to check with out checking it myself and neither should you. This Saturday's jackpot is 30 million. That's 30 million reasons for somone to screw you. Double check your lotto tickets before handing them to the clerk to check.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lesson # 1

Lesson when you have an idea for a post. Write it down right away. I have had so many potential great posts the last few week though up during the day when I was at work only to come home and draw a blank when the times comes to write it down. This applies for everything, you think of something write it down. You need to get somethign write it down. I am bad for this because I have a rarely used agenda and a brain full of idea's that are being wasted because I don't write them down. I will try to start to writting them down. You should to.

I have to post this. I came across this today and have to share it with you. Its work safe too.
Who sat
Who says girls like bab boys???

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Taxes Done

Well i finally got my taxes done for this year. Thanks to the help of my Gf's dad. Basically I gave him all my info and he did them for me while I watched. Nice and easy. I am glad to say that I will get my largest return ever just over 2k . See it pays to put money into your RRSP's


Well the month is Almost over and Right now I am sitting 11 for 59. That less then 1 in 6 which is better then the 1 in 9 chance they say you have at winning a prize. Still no big wins just Coffey. Maybe this week. there is still time.


So tonight I saw Shark Water. I have to say it was well done. I saw it with a friend of mine while our girlfriends saw regin over me. I wanted to see the hills have eyes but no one wants to see it with me.

Shark Water is a startling film about how we are treating sharks, our misconceptions about them and what they are really like. During the movie its self my friend became quite angry at the screen more so what certain people where doing to the sharks. It made me fell like I want to become an activist. I wish I can stop poachers and the effects they are having on our world. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone. If anything it will open your eyes to the things that are happening in the world that we do not know about and will not ordinary hear about.

In our news Our Blog Review is commign along nicely. I am a little bit behind in upateing peoples blogs on the site but I am still able to put a new review ofn the main page everyday. We have a huge list of blogs that have been submitted to us. I also have a few otehr idea's that I would like to incorpate into it but it is too much for me right now.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hockey oh yeah

Oh yeah The canucks win again. my team loses again. This time we scored all 4 goals in the game and lost 3-1. go figure. looks like next week I will have 2 maybe 3 hockey games as well. I like this much hockey cause it will help me get back into shape. My legs are fine its just my lungs slow me down. Dam asthma. If I didn;t have asthma who know where I would be now.

Still not big winners for Tim Hortons maybe tomorrow I will win big.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This has been a really bad week for me for updating and posting this blog. I promise next week will be better.

The Time Hortons update. The month is almost over and I still have only won free Coffey's. but now I am

10 for 48

Still beating the 1 in 9 odds of winning a prize. much better then teh 2 for 52 my boss has a work.. hehe.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A little Something

Right here is something that my Girlfriends sister's Friend is in. He is the guy in the Flames jersey. Something to watch before I take off to hockey tonight.

Oh Boy

Oh boy what a start to the week I have. I just woke up from an after work nap. Cause tonight is the first of 3 games in 4 nights for hockey. Yes tonight is the latest at 11pm and then I have an early one at 7:30 tomorrow, followed by a 9:45 game on Thursday. I am no where near my teen years as to the shape I am in so I wonder hope I will be holding up come Friday morning. I remember in my peak fitness we were always going in tournament and if we were to play in the finals it would mean 6 games in 3 days. 2 a day basically. The only shitty thing I could remember was putting on wet gear each time we played. On the bright side I this should give me a jolt back into better shape.

Also what does you guys think about this nice little icon for Our Blog Review???

Our Blog Review

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just Say Hi - The Review

I have Heard that JustSayHi is Better than Yahoo Personals. Why Because it's Free and Free is good, Everyone like free thing, and good free things are hard to find. I am not an avid user of dating sites but I have seen many asking for money. My first impression of is that The site is really easy Navigate. It has drop-down menus to select your desired date profile and you are taken straight to the 60 second sign-up page! I have heard from other people who have used other dating sites that they have had take hours to sign up there profile. I think this is called the 60 second sign up page for a reason( hint hint). What I like about it is that you are able to browse around before you sign up. Nothing sucks more than signing up for something ( especially when you have to pay) and what your looking for is simply not there. So why don't you pay a visit today. Create a free profile and go meet someone.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Almsot Done

Yes I have been slacking with my posts for my personal blog. But i have been working on updating Our Blog Review. Which I would like to say is almost updated. Check out the new look for the Blogs By Category section. Let me know what you think. Just to reflect on that site.... I am happy with the progress so far. Surprised with the promise and potential it has. Extremely happy to have the people I do helping me with it as well.


7 FOR 38

I am on a cold streak.

SPECIAL thanks to Rob for the post about me and my site's on his blog. Thank you very much ROB.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Been Busy

Been Super bussy lately. Working on a new category desgin for Our Blog Review site. will post more later.

In the mean time enjoy this.

Been Busy

Been Super bussy lately. Working on a new category desgin for Our Blog Review site. will post more later.

In the mean time enjoy this.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm Cold, Tired, and Lots of Crap to Do Still.

I am Cold, Tired and have a shit load of stuff I still have to do. I have a hockey game in.... ( looks at clock) arh less then one hour. . got to run. maybe it will warm me up. Can you believe it it was snowing today up near Grouse Mountian where I am building a house. Bloody snowing.. no wonder I am cold.

Quick Timmy's updat:

7 FOR 27

3 winner's in the last 3 days... ON FIRE>.

I'm Cold, Tired, and Lots of Crap to Do Still.

I am Cold, Tired and have a shit load of stuff I still have to do. I have a hockey game in.... ( looks at clock) arh less then one hour. . got to run. maybe it will warm me up. Can you believe it it was snowing today up near the grouss where I am building a house. Bloody snowing.. no wonder I am cold.

Quick Timmys updat:

7 FOR 27

3 winnger in the last 3 days... ON FIRE>.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Just though I should UPDATE you on my LUCK in the TIM HORTON'S promotion.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE......... 6 FOR 26

What did John Chow dot Com do for you?

Did you participate in the John Chow dot Com review me link back promotion which is ongoing? If so I am interested in knowing participating in it helped your blog at all? I submitted Our Blog Review to him and it was posted on his site today for his batch 31 of the review Me's. So far today I have had 25 visitors from his site to Our Blog Review. This amount to less then what will be likely 1/6th of the total traffic today. I am wondering if b/c his review me links have been going on for some time now that no one cares to see what the sites are he posted? I am not mad nor do I expect more from my link back from his site. What I would like to know is if you participated in it how many visitors did he generate for you?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Can Anyone Help Me?

Can anyone help me with my technorati ratings? when you click on the link that say "blogs that link here" It show a bunch of blogs that link to mine. However, If you look at my ranking it says thta no blogs link here and that my blog hasn't been updated in 45 + days. Which as you can see is untrue. I have emailed them but I havn't any response from them. Does anyone have any susgestions? Thanks

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Feel better

After viewing this music video I feel better. Hope you will too.. Enjoy.

Apparently the song is hot in Australia right now but I have yet to hear of it till now. It was sent me my form my girlfriend Jeanine. Wasn't it nice of her to do that.


I am Sad

I am Sad so tonight's post will be short.


Make that 4 for 22. Gotta like those odds.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Treasure Trooper

Ok so I finally broke down and signed up for treasure trooper after hearing about it for the longest time. Once again I would create a different email account if you choose to sign up for this. ( they even suggest it on there website. ) There are lots of proof of payments out there. They have a very large proof of payment section in there forums where users have submitted pictures of themselves. There are lots of little way to make between .50 - 1.50 dollars each task. There are lots of tasks that is possible for you to complete. There are also higher paying ones if you choose to sign up for certain products. If interested feel free to sign up here


After 20 cups I have 3 free ones. No big wins yet. Still 2/3's of the way to go. I want the CAR.

Also I will try to get some pictures of the house I am building and post them for everyone to see.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hockey 4-4 Tie

Well another long day for is over and work starts in 5.5 hours. Boy do I need some sleep. Well after putting in another 10 hour shift. ( Building a house ) I was able to catch up on most of the work for my other site Our Blog Review. It is still a work in progress but is now getting close to 15 new unique visits a day not including the returnees. Which is encouraging for me.

As for Ice Hockey tonight we played to a 4-4 draw. We out played, out chanced, and should of beat them but alas we did not. I did score the opening goal for our team and missed my usual breakaway. I might have another 2 games next week as well. and start practicing for spring hockey soon. oh yeah maybe I should try to get back into shape. Good Night

Wednesday, March 7, 2007



This is an interesting site I joined it not really knowing how good or what to expect from this site. I did recive 2.50 for confirming my account with them instantly though pay pal. However you do have to sign up for sites to receive money. This looks fairy new but it does pay out. If you decide to try this for extra income I suggest creating a new email account just for this. Since you will need it to sign up for the stuff on this site I assume they would send you a lot of spam. Save your good email and get one just for this.

Click the above to sign up and give it a whirl.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tim Hortons Update. 2 for 14. Still no car or cash but yet to hear of anyone else winning so hopes are still high.

In other news I need to sit down and put in a good hour on updating Our Blog Review website. I have several blogs that need to be added to there correct category section. Plus I need to keep promoting it hard which I haven't done today. Does anyone know any ways in which I can promote it? Any suggestions? Tomorrow will be a tough day as well for me. 10 hours of work and a late night hockey game.. arh. I promise to have some money making posts later in this week when my real life has clamed down.

I'm Wired

Arh I just got back from my Ice Hockey game its after 12 am, and I am wide awake and wired. Work starts in less then 6.5 hours, ARHHHH. What do I do?

By the way we lost 4-3 in OT. For some reason the ref's made us play 3 vs 3 in stead of 4 vs 4 and they score with a wicked shot on a 1 on 1 from a kinda bad angle top shelf. It was a rough and fast game, I enjoyed it a lot. On wednesday I play with my real team at 10:30om again so it will be another late one. Sucks when your working 10 hour days.

I'm off to lay in bed and try to sleep now.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Looking for a house

Well as some of you know I am looking for an apartment to buy and rent out. And it came to my attention that I will have to buy many kinds of insurance's if i become a property owner. So in my online searches I came across Insurance Portal Online. I though It was interesting because I would be able to get quotes for any kind of insurance I could possibly need.

After looking around Insurance Portal Online I decided to fill out the form for the Homeowners Insurance and have a agent contact me to see if they could help me. However I discovered that being Canadian that the Insurance Portal Online would not cover me. Sadly I had my hope dashed and went looking for a Canadian version of Insurance Portal Online.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

What To Write About?

What Should I Write About?

What should I write about? I want you guys to tell me what you want to read? please leave me a message in the comments box or simply email me. I can write about how my other site - Our Blog Review - is comming along? I could write about Making Money online and the different methods? The schemes out there and the actual legit ones? I could write how to inprove you blog? I could put more posts about sports? New Gadgits? Online Technology? Posts new video's I come across online? Have mroe diarly related posts about my life? I could talk about my work as a Carpenter and the leaky Condo business? I have some good construction stories..

I am not running out of stuff to post I think I need to take this is a certain direction or directions and I need your help. I ain't no John Chow but I can provide you with good content.

In other news I won my first free coffey of this years Tim Horton's Roll up the rim to win contest.

This year as every year in March Tim Horton's Gives away 30 cars as well as over 30,000,000 in other prizes. This year they are also giving away 100 - 42 inch plasma TV's, 10,000 - Ipod nano's and 500 cash prizes of 1,000 dollars. I liked last years prizes better but I didn;t win any other then free coffey. Maybe this will be my year. Wish me luck.

Friday, March 2, 2007

February Review

Ok guys well here it is Sorry it is a little late but I have had a lot on my plate this last few days.

First up here are my google adsense stats for my 2 sites that use it.

Page impressions Earnings
AdSense for content 1,466 $11.47

Queries Earnings
AdSense for search 63 $3.99

Total Earnings $15.46

Not bad for my first full month of blogging.

Here are the stats taken from Homestead for my site: Our Blog Review

Page Views per Month
Feb 2007 769

With a total of 216 visitors. Not bad for only really gettting started reviewing for 10 days. The page views are included in the google adsense totals.

I am extremely happy with the results of my first month blogging.

So here is the income I have earned ( actually recieved )in February.

Goodleads only: $2.50US

Sign up here to earn extra money with goodleads.

Potential unpaid earnings

Google adsense: $15.46US
Mylot $1.97

Total paid Earnings: $2.50US
Left to reach primary Goal: $999,997.50

My goals for March
1.To Double my total page views and visitors.
2.To increase income from both sites by 15%

Longer term goals

1. To make sites profitable by end of may. 4 months to make money plan.
2. Recieve check for $50

New Additions to site.

I have added adbrite as well I have also signed up for blogsvertise.

Hope this intrests you. I should have some more monkey making sites/idea's in an upcomming post.


Ok everyone I recently came across this cool site. Its called Blogsvertise. The great thing is that they will pay you to write posts or assign you tasks for your blog. What I like is that you may not have to like or even endorse the advertiser's website products or services. Just as long as you talk about them in your post everything is ok.

All what Blogsvertise asks for you is a 2-3 paragraph posts, around 75 words is sufficient. The are looking for blogs preferable 30+ days old, and naturally no adult content. If you have a blog look up Blogsvertise and see if it is made for you.