Thursday, May 31, 2007

MMMTalk Forums are working Sign up now

OK guy the forum I have been working on for a while now is up and working. It is called mmmtalk Forums! It Also has a blog that goes with it naturally called mmmtalk. Right now we are looking for people to help get this forum going. We need your to register and make a few posts.

What are the advantages of using this forum you ask? Well other then meeting and talk to like minded bloggers like yourselves and you will no doubt come across way to help you earn and blog.

One special feature which will soon be implemented is adsense sharing. We are setting it up so that you are able to put your adsense code in and willl have your adsense ads shown when you start a thread and when you reply in a thread. The % are still being wored out but most likely you will have 60% chance of getting your ad shown and then 20% when you reply to a thread.

So please sign up now and join in the good times for all and hopefully be able to increase your earnings at the same time.

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Do you like Pets and Animals

-Paid Post-
Yes I do. Though I do have asthma I do like Pets & Animals. I actually have several pets myself. Fish that is. I really can not have any dogs or cats due to there hair will give me asthma. I think I would be able to have birds as pets. I also enjoy zoo's and Aquariums. Actually where I am building a house right now for work the area is full of birds. There are many kinds but the one I like the best is the blue bird. To find article on blue birds and eggs or for pets and animals in general check out encyclocentral.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Softball vs hockey.....

Why do I seem to injure myself more in softball then ice hockey? Ice hockey is more violent, its rough, more bruises. but no my legs are hurting, My quads and in pain. It hurts to walk and my left hand is jammed. From what 2 games of softball.. I geuss I did pop my hip out in hockey this year but it was minumal. The pain from softball will last a week or so. Oh well geuss I better bust out the ben gay then.

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Custom Boat Covers

-paid post-
I know I have always wanted a boat for myself and was thrilled when my dad got us a small 14 ft boat when I was younger. Now I am older I still earn for my own boat. This time bigger then my dads. One this I remember as a child was always helping my dad put the boat cover on. Back then my dad had to go looking from store to store because there was no store online that sold custom boat covers made for it because of its size. Now a days I would be looking up online for my Boat cover advice instead of heading down to a marina and asking around. Infact one of the place I would be looking online would be The site is full of great information to help you choose and maintain your Boat cover.

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From Hockey toSoftball

Tonght is softball for me. Lat night was hockey. Tomorrow is more work. There is not enough time in the day for me to do all the things I want to do. This means ony 1 thing. I have to leave my day job. Maybe it is a sign that tonight is the night for me. 40 million up for grabs on lottoe 649. I have my tickets. So lets hope that tomorrow I am only going to work to tell them I quit.

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Orchid Recovery Center for Women

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The Orchid Recovery Center for Women is an alcohol treatment center for women. That means no men allowed. This is for those ladies who may feel uncomfortable in rehab with men in the surroundings. Actually the Orchid Recovery Center believes that women will mend more fully in a treatment environment that meets their total physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Read more about our one-of-a-kind Drug Treatment Program for Women here. There is no shame in visiting a clinique. In fact drug treatment programs are a valuable way to regain one's life. Please don't hesitate call Orchids Recovery Center for women toll free a 1-888-672-4435 for immediate help.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Loss In Hockey

Well we lost again in hockey but yet again we outplayed, out shot, but not outlasted.. lol. We dominated again and the got several lucky goals and we ran into yet another hot goalie. When your getting 45 plus shots a game and only scoring 3 then your not doing something right. We had plenty of point blank shots myself included. I know on my chances I was would have scored if I got it up high enough. But no he got his glove on it. Our next game is in a week. Maybe we will win our first of the sring season.

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Favorite Phone from Wirefly

Are you looking for a new phone? Been looking around the internet? You search is over. Wirefly is the site for all your cell phone needs. Why wait for summer when you can get your phone this spring. Please feel free to check out Wirefly's top ten phones of spring listed here;

Motorola RAZR (all colors)
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Motorola i850
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Sony Ericsson w810i
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic
Motorola v325i

I am not going to lie here my favorite phone the Blackberry or crack berry as we call it at work because it is so addicting. I bet yoru asking why trust an oling company for buying cellphones when you can go to the mall, Right... Well for you info Wirefly was launched in 2003, Wirefly is also an online leader in one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones, wireless service plans and wireless accessories. Tens of thousands of people purchase cell phones and rate plans on Wirefly every month after comparing hundreds of phone models from all the major carriers. I am sorry but I no company would still be in business this long if they were shady. Feel free to check Wirefly out and then compare them to the other sellers online. I am sure that you will end up comming back and useing wirefly.

Welcome Gold Rushin'

Please welcome Cold Rushing to top off my list of 5 for link love for next month. If you want to see your name here then contact me by leaving me a comment of emailing me. This is a free link everytime I make a post. Its worth it.

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Mint Credit Cards


Thinking of a credit Card? Think no Further then getting a Mint Credit Card. The Royal Bank of Scotland has a Credit Card Called Mint which comes with these added benefits. 0% on purchases until 1 January 2008

- 0% on balance transfers until 1 August 2008 (2.5% balance transfer fee)
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- Up to £7,500 credit limit
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- MINT+ offers on wine, prize draws, travel and leisure services

If the above list has you interested the stop by and fill out a credit card application and then you will be one step closer to receiving you very own Mint Credit Card. So Sign up now and start building your credit with Mint Credit Cards.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Link Love From Me.. Interested???

Do you see what is new at the bottom of this post? Want to get in on link love every time I make a post like there will do. Either give me a link on your page and home you get enough lucky hit to come this way or simply do the same for me. Create something similar to what I have and add my name and I will do the same for you. Remember from me you will be getting a PR3 link back every time I make a post and check out how many posts I made in may.. That's a lot.

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Homeless Problem part 2 - The Reply

Homeless Problem part 2 - The Reply
OK where do I start? This post is a reply to Homeless Problem: Kill Them All - Top 10 Reasons Not To posted on May 25th, 2007 by SeedsGuy. This post will also be duplicated on for the extra link back for SeedsGuy.
Top 10 Reasons you should not kill Vancouver’s homeless population.

10 - They are fully capable of returning to society as normal human beings but
what motivates them is wrecked. Normal human beings want money for all kinds of things including alcohol where most homeless want only alcohol. It’s their
favorite form of escape and pleasure.

10 - 90% of them can never return. Homeless people want money?? Of course you think we give out free Alcohol for the homeless like we do needles? No way we only provide them with safe injection sites and needles not free booze. They should have to work for the Alcohol like the rest of us.

9 - If alcohol and drugs are worth more to them then money why not get them to
do something productive like growing veggies in trade. Let them grow food in
trade for alcohol.

9 - If it was only this easy. They do not need food so they could never understand how essential food is to us normals. Plus the only plants they would be growing is tobacco so the could smoke it as they drank.

8 - Send totally unproductive and unwilling homeless persons to Bum Boot Camp.
Special arrangements should be made to not hold Bum Boot Camp liable for harm or death. Then give Drill Sergeants carte blanche to motivate them back to mental health.

8 - He he he.. Nice idea. though I think the government is trying to do this for the Olympics. From what I have heard they are going to try to ship them out to the Frazer valley a.k.a. the bible belt and let them try to take good care of them for us. How can they say no? That would be very unchristian of them.

7 - Fix the stink. Create a program to trade 2 shots of Whiskey for one shower
and a change into fresh clothes. Provide 3 extra shots of Rum if they wash their
dirty clothes by themselves. (Provide the washing machine and washing detergent)

7 - Now this idea I like. Actually we wouldn't need to give them a shower cause it rains so much here. Maybe we just need to take squirt guns filled with liquid soap downtown when it is raining and spray the bums.

6 - You can teach them how to get along by arranging $100,000 for them to spend. First form them into groups of 10 and the only way to withdraw money (limit $50/day) is that they all agree on what to purchase. (Just an X is sufficient
for their signature and the item(s) is/are purchased by the financial
administrator) This would eventually teach them social dynamics and the
principle of working together, hopefully.

6 - umm this would probably be too hard for me to do. Though 2 years ago someone did open a saving union for them in the worst part of town because they complained they couldn't get a bank account cause they had no fixed address. This just means now that they have a hierarchy of bums. The poor, poorer, poorest and penniless

5 - If Vancouver killed their homeless to rid the problem then Manitoba would
think about killing their Indian population. You can’t give one province an
advantage over another that severe.

5 - ahh now this is where you are uninformed. For a fact 0ver 70% of Vancouver bums do not actually originate from Vancouver. You see Vancouver is one of the only major cities in Canada where a bum is able to survive the winter outside. Thus many other cities had (not sure if they still practice this ) had a program in place where they would secretly ship out there bums on trains to Vancouver. So if we were to kill our homeless we would is essence be helping the other cities out as well.

4 - Because the underlying fact is that they are still human beings and human
beings shouldn’t just be killed because they look and smell different. (Bush,
I’m looking right at you. Canada’s soldiers are being killed for your sake.
Because, in the end you just wanted a foothold there for other wars. Good
strategy though but China will still dominate you in the end)

4 - you got a point there. Though in the old days if you were different you would be sent to a cave to fend for yourself until the end ( which came fast ) or put you a float in a river. Ah the simpler times.

3 - Because jerking in theaters would never be the same. Nothing like seeing a
bum wearing a trench coat stand up and squirt in a man’s face sitting behind
him. Yikes! ! !

3 - Whoa there your bums have that right? we don't don't allow them in our theaters. Why would they spend 12 dollars to site down nest to a clean person for 2 hours when they can get a 6 pack and a burger for the same price. Of course this just means that we get to see them showing everything off as we drive by them on our way into town. Nothing beats seeing a streak first thing in the morning before work.

2 - Because guys like Greg Stratz wouldn’t have anything to write about

2 - Come now that is not true you know PayPerPost will always have enough stuff to keep me writing. Though I did miss out on some posts this weekend.

1 And The # 1 Reason is . . . . . . .

- You should not kill Vancouver’s homeless population because where would Chow have to go to next to get another blog community?

So true but I hear South Park also has a bum problem (watch it here). Maybe that's where he gets them all from..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stop Your Addiction

-paid post-
Stop Your Addiction First Step Rehab has a brand new website for there brand new drug rehab program. SYAFSR is located in Michigan available for everyone across the country to use. They have a brand new 28 day program in place for you. Remember everyone no two people or drug addiction are the same and each person must be assessed to fit the program that will work for them. Call now at 1-866-663-7847 or visit Stop Your Addiction First Step Rehab new website for more info.

Please Stay Tuned

Please stay tuned everyone. I have just got wind of a kick ass post on a blog which which originated from a post I made. I do have a reply post but simply not the time right now to write it. I may not have the time tomorrow as well since I have a busy day so look for it come Sunday.. It should rival the post it is replying to.

But I will say I just saw pirates Of C and must saw if you don't know or remember how the second one went and ended then I suggest you watch it before watching this one. Also there is a small clip after the credits if you want to wait 5 minutes to see it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Florida Agriculture!

-Paid Post-
Do you know where you fruits come from? I know where mine come from when they are not in season in vancouver. Florida!!! Florida has a booming $87 billion Agriculture industry that provides food for the entire globe. Check out this video on the quite yet huge industry that provides the world with food.

How Much Paid Posts is too much?

I was talking to a fellow blogger this week and he asked me about my Paid Posts and was wondering how much was too much? I told him that to me each blog/site is gonna make there majority of there earning differently. Some will have a large readership and make there money from adsense. Some will have expensive Review Me or text links ads. Or some will have PPP posts. I also said that usually the blog will evolve over time from one to another to many and eventually it might even out. It may take a while or not happen at all but it could. So if your blog makes its money from Paid Posts then so it will have more then another blog. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with it. That is his chosen ( only choice ) of income so him take it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Roller Blinds

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Why use Roller blinds? Well Roller blinds are neat, practical, functional and low maintenance. They are great for blocking out the light when watching a projection screen TV or when you feel like a nap. If you are looking to purchase some, do it online at at TerryFabrics they have a wide selection of roller blinds that include a variety of styles and colours, all of which can easily be trimmed to fit inside any window. I mean why pay more for blinds that get tangled and break off when a simple yet valuable roller blinds will do the trick. Roller Blinds have been much improved upon, as roller blinds are now available in plain, printed and border print and suede fabrics. So think Roller Blinds next time!

Mini-banner exchange

Well I am not doing it but my friend who runs the site Munny4hunny is. I would check out his post on this here. And see if you would like a banner made up for free. I personally think he is really good and worth having them made up. Here is a little sample of his post.

I have spent far too much time lately playing with Adobe 'Fireworks'
software and making small-scale banners for websites and blogs. These
mini-banners are very popular in the world of social bookmarking for 3 main
Good publicity - a mini-banner offers more functionality that a
mere text link
Publishers like them - bloggers and webmasters are happy
to host them as they are neat, compact and generally quite appealing
They look good - it gives a positive impression about how you want your site or blog to be integrated into the Internet community

Be sure to and give his site a visit and get a freeeeee banner...

PPP Direct is Launched

Today PayPerPost launched a new feature called PPP Direct. This is yet another new feature for the blogging community to take advantage of. This is yet another way for you to review a paid post.

All you have to do is display a PPP Direct badge on your site and if an advertiser comes across your site and wants to you to review there site then all they have to do is click on your badge. When I first read this I though yeah! I know that this will bring in 0 advertisers for me. Why I should just stick to review me because they have a directory which increases my chances. But wait, I did some investigating into this and saw that PPP are
"building a directory of PPP Direct bloggers and will be promoting those that
have adopted the technology"
That means that yes they are building a directory just like review me.

Now lets say that Review ME and PPP Direct both have directories. What is the difference in the two?? Price! Price! Price! and Price!.. PPP Direct Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for Pay-Pal and credit card processing. That is much better then what Review me charges. If you get 25 dollars from Review Me that means they took 25 too. With PPP Direct if you got paid 25 dollars it means that they took 2.78 dollars.. . Huge difference there if you ask me.

So head Over to PPP and sign up for and start earning money and display your PPP Direct badge on your site today!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have been reviewed.

I have been reviewed by the cat over at Review my Blog today. This guys has a similar thing going like I do at Our Blog Review. So check out my review here! Yes I know he points I lack spelling but I do use spell check 90% of the time now. Even this post too.

Need Motivation!!

Do you have something that you want to do but always put it off like I do?? All you need is a little motivational help to get going. If you do then I would head to and download there motivation software. Best of all this product is free. What is better then free? Something that is free and that helps you! What I think is a neat is that you are able to get this tool free of charge. I think that the creators of this motivation software are great because they are offering this for everyone at no cost. If you put things off or just need someone to spark a flame under you then head over to there web site and download the motivation software for free and kick start yourself.

First Engagement Dinner

Well I just got home from work and will now have to get ready for what will be my first of I would assume engagement dinners. Tonight my parents, my fiancee, her parents and sister will be heading to the Cannery for a lovely (expensive ) seafood dinner. This will be the actually first time I have sat down for dinner with all of them together. I am sure it will go well. The only other time we have all been together as a family was when Jeanine and I went traveling and they met at the airport. Wish me luck but I am sure things will go well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ethical Loans Available!

-paid post -
Do you have strong ethics and stick by them? Want to take a loan of a lending company or a bank but not sure if the money you would be recieving is "dirty" money. You want to be certain that the money you borrow did not cause unnecessary pollution, and human rights abuses in our world. Then the co-operativebank is for you. The have loans which rest assure the money has not come from destroying our world or people in any way. co-operativebank is bound to their ethical policy. In fact in 2005 then turned down over 10 million pounds in busines because it conflicted with there ethical policy. If you are looking for a loan then look to co-operativebank because they know to survive we all need sustainability policies and we all need to stick them them.

How much Work is too much?

How much is too much? At one time when I was younger I was working 60-70 hrs a week, but would burn out often. Since high school when I have worked full weeks I have never usually worked less then 45 + hours a week.. If that too much? And what do I have to show for it? Nothing.. well now I am saving my money so my $$$ is growing but you would think I have something else to show. So how much do you work a week and do you think it is too much?

Hassle-free Motor Insurance!

Are you looking for motor insurance? Look no further then CIS Motor Insurance. If you buy online you'll get a 10% discount. Yeah so what 10% right. Well with CIS Motor Insurance you get piece of mind when you take into consideration the following key factors that come with your insurance;

-free courtesy car (subject to availability, when using a Co-operative Insurance recommended repairer)
-free 24-hour Emergency Helpline in the event of a breakdown
-free Europe-wide cover
-free uninsured loss recovery service
-free Legal Advice Helpline
-recovery of the vehicle to a suitable repairer
-up to £250 medical expenses covered
-up to £250 personal belongings covered
-Up to 55% Named Driver No Claim Discount

If you still are not satisfied then get a quote by calling 08457 46 46 46. Lines are open from 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am - 5pm on Saturday. Take that quote take of 10% and see if it beats you current Insurance provider. I am sure you will be surprised when you realize that you will save money with CIS Motor Insurance. Don't wait around the only thing you have to lose is the cost of your insurance when make the switch.

A Cool Cats Contest

So there is this guy called Mark Sierra. He has this blog called MeAndMyDrum. This stud is running a cool contest where the winner will receive a Google AdWords coupon worth $25 and free banner ad space on his blog. THATS RIGHT 25$$$ GOOGLE ADWORDS COUPON... He covers a variety of topics such as blogging tips, technology, politics, humor. Wait there is more!!! Brown Baron of Brown Thoughts has just matched Mark's 25$ and now there is 50 smackers up for grabs.. Now if that doesn't entice you to get off your lazy ass and write a post Mark's Site then I don't know what will. Hey you what to know how I found out about MeAndMyDrum site?? Through Our Blog Review. See I knew something good would come out of tyring to run a review site. Just for good measure visit you can visit MeAndMyDrum here, here, or here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Customer Relationship Software

-paid post-
Customer Relationship Software or crm is essential to every online or business that uses computers. You need management system that can tell you where you best leads are coming from, and can easily monitor the ROI of each campaign. AIMpromote's CRM does this for you better then any other software out there. The information in the Campaign Performance Report is invaluable information tool for your business. You will have many key features at your fingure tips such as Lead Attention Meter™, Sales Management , Sales Force Automation, Lead Reseller System, Campaign Tracking, Custom Lead List, Visitor Tracking, Importing / Exporting Private Labelling, Automatic Lead Distribution, and Mortgage Lead Management. Why wait Sign Up Now for Your Full Featured 14-Day Free Trial or Call Toll-Free 1-888-251-4635. Your business is lagging? start the trial I am sure by the end you will be signing up for the long term.

What A hockey Game

Well tonight's hockey game was fantastic. Despite giving them a 5 goal lead my team fought hard in the 4rd period and scored 5 unanswered goals. It all started with me scoring on my first 2 shifts of the 3rd to get the ball rolling and cut the score to 5-2. I was instrumental on our 4th and 5th goals as I was screening the goalie. What a game and what an exciting finish. !!!

Drug Rehab

-paid post-
Do you think someone you know has a problem and might need to go to a drug rehab centre? Then be sure to visit Stone Hawk web's site and browse through the programs they have. What I like about this centre is that most of there staff know all about addiction, because they were once addicts themselves. I have a friend who used a similar program here in Vancouver and he now works at it and helps others trying to help themselves. He told me that he is able to relate and help the people in the centre better then someone who didn't go through the same experience they are going though.

Stone Hawk is located in Battle Creek Michigan. However, they do accept foreign applicants that wish to do there rehab in America. In fact the cost of the Narconon StoneHawk drug rehab treatment center is 1/3 of it's European counterparts.

Please check them out if you are in need or know someone who might be!

Forum Progression

Well I was unable to make any forward progress today with the forum. I am still trying to separate the Categories in the forum with no luck. Lets hope I can get it done soon.. Then it would be easier on the eyes if I get that done.

I have hockey soon. I am getting excited that I have my second hockey game of the "spring" season in a few hours. Feeling good about it. Plus the exercise is always good.

Wish me luck.

Watch Movies On Your iPod

-paid post-
Have you ever Watch an iPod movie? Every thinking about it? I know I have! Now you can convert you own DVD DIVX or other movies to you iPod with the PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter Suite! This product converts any type of media so it can be viewed on your iPod. It is amazingly easy to use and inexpensive as well. Believe it or not they have free trails or you can buy the Converter Suite for 39.99$ and have unlimited downloads for ever.

Monday Holiday Long weekend!

Yeah its a holiday Monday for me. Which is good because I don;t have to work then. But on the other hand it make me sad because it also means that I have to work tomorrow. But then then again it is a 4 day week until the weekend arrives again.. yeah... lol So many positives and negatives.

Though after this posts I have to go wash the dishes and clean up the beer bottle from last night. I had a 1 person BBQ and didn't clean it up yet. Mind you that was the best steak I have tasted in a long time. Maybe because I had it marinating over night.. Man was that good.

In Good news I also received my first payment from PayPerPost today. So that mean that this blog is roughly 120 days old. Wow can you believe I have stuck it out this long?? huzzza! huzzza! huzza! for me.

Getting Rid of Bad habits!

-paid post-
Are you like me? Do you have bad habits that you wish you can get rid of? You try but they seem to always just come back? If so then you must visit Brain Bullet! These guys have created new self development software that help you get rid of your bad habits. It will increase your mental powers and abilities, and help you achieve your goals through your life. Visit there website and check them out today

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Rain

Yes it is raining in vancouver and again so nothing is new for me. Though today I should be able to put in a few hours working on OBR and my new Forum I am been trying to develop. I think I may try a Google AdWords Campaign for it once it is out of beta testing. 1 dollar max a day maybe for a month a we will see if it help increases the registered members. I will be sure to let everyone know when I start it and how the stats go for it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Golf Golf Golf

What started out as sunny and warm ended up in rainy and cold golf day. Of course with several beers in me it didn't seem all that bad. I ended up shooting a 94 which was ok but was tainted by a 10 on the second hole. I went par 10 par.. for the first 3 holes..

The highlights of the game was hitting 4 - 300 + drives. Hitting my 5 wood 270 yard on the my second shot and landing it on the green in 2 on a par 5. Be able to toss my friend out of the cart when I was driving it. And finally actually running over my friend with the golf cart because I was trying to run over his golf ball and he wouldn't get out of the way.

Until next time

Good night.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Making travel searching easier!

Most of you know that I like to travel. I was in Australia a while ago and am planning to go back soon for another visit. I also would like to travel Europe soon. I do take several small trips throughout the year. For the last 3 years I have be doing 90% of my searching and booking online. As I came to realize that looking at each site take time. But wait now I have found a new site called Hotels Combined whose website is What is so great about this site is that it searches all the other sites. That means you don't have to waste all that extra time searching each individual site. You search one site that searches them all for you. I know when I start planning my next vacation soon I will be using these guys.

What are you doing?

I know the next google page rank is not due out for another 3 months or so. But I want to know what you are doing, or will be doing to try to get you page rank higher? To me right now it looks like doing reviews of other poeple sites for a link back seems the norm? Looks like I might have to do that soon. I better get a move on and start it now and not wait til lthe last minute before to try to keep this page rank or make it bigger. If you want to do that same feel free to give me a quick 25 word or less review and I will be happy to give you a bigger one in return. Just leave a message in the comments section and I will get you a review.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yes Engaged

-paid post-
As many of you know I got engaged on the weekend. It was a perfect day. Romance was in the air and everything almost went off with a hitch. For those that do not already know I asked her on the top of Grouse Mountain. As you can guess it was hard to think of a way that she would believe that we were going up there for something else. I was able to convince my wife to be that that we were to meet my parent up there for dinner because my mum was unavailable on the next day. So now I had to get her up there with out being suspicious. Well that was hard! First of she didn't see my parents car in the parking lot.... I had to convince her that they must be in the other section than us. Then when the guy was giving us our lift tickets he said reservation for 2. I had to assure her that he said 2 ticket left to be picked up under my dads name. Though once up there we walked for a little bit and watched a movie on the bears they had up there. After the movie I took her to the look out where you could see Vancouver and that is where I asked her. After the exciting moment we had the best seats in the house at the restaurant and had a romantic dinner for two. The day went perfectly. We are lucky and will be going the distance. Many Relationships breakup which is very sad. I am very excited about the up and coming wedding next year. I will be sure to keep you all posted.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What do you think of this?

Please let me know what you think? Can you believe that this actually happens? I bet most of you had no idea. It is sad really. It is yet another way that a third word country with suppressed rights is taken advantaged of by a leading word power. Or you could say that someone found a way to make money and is taking advantage of it while it lasts. A true business man.

Pingo - The online phone card company!

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Not only do these guy have cheap phone cards over 90% of Pingo's customers re-order. That is an amazing stat if you ask me. What I like is that there are no hidden fees and no surprises.

If you are thinking of getting one soon then find out here how you can get 10$ in free fathers days calling cards. Not only do that give away free fathers day calling card but they also have an affiliate program which pays 15$ for each new customer you refer.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Need a new Mail box?

Is your mailbox old and broken down? looking for a new one. The Mailbox Exchange has all types of mailboxes for you.

If you are looking for residential mailboxes, or commercial mailboxes you can find them at the Mailbox Exchange. These guys not only have Mailboxes but mailbox accessories. They have a wide range of prices with several going as high as 2k+. Most I found were very reasonable.

One thing I like about this site is that they give you a 25 dollar gift certified for Handy Man if you need help with the installation. If you are thinking of getting a new Mailbox then give them a visit.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Geuss What I did?

I got engaged yesterday. I made the big jump last night on top of Grouse Mountain. As I predicted she said yes. It hasn't sunk in yet but I am sure it will over the next few days. Today we tell the Parents and Grandparents. The Craziness Begins.

Here is a side picture of Grouse Mountain. if you look to the right there is a small hump that is white. That is where the skill runs are and where I did my deed. I will try to find a better picture of Grouse.

We also had dinner on the top in there Fine dinning restaurant the Observatory. The dinner was fabulous and we had teh set menus with wine pairings. When I get time I will upload the picture of our main course. I am sad to say the Camera ran out of juice and I wasn't able to take more pictures of dinner. The bill came to 250$ but it was a special occasion so it was worth it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hey Axel this is for you....

Is there a deeper meaning in this short clip???


Hey Axel this is for you....

Is there a deeper meaning in this short clip???

Friday, May 11, 2007

Are you married?

I am wondering how many of you out there are married? How did you ask your wife? or Husband? what kind of day was it? I am interested. If you care to share it please let me know.

In the mean time I am off to work on my site/blog/forum which is still work in progress. Feel free to check them out. I will make a full announcement when they are ready for beta testing.. so stay tuned.

Web Forum
Blog that will go with the forum

Jersey City!

Ever want to travel to the USA? Think Jersey City next time. Jersey city is a wonderful city with lots of attractions and plenty to do. When you visit Jersey City be sure to venture around the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway which has miles of paths as well as the best views of NYC from the Jersey City coast.

For all you information on your trip be sure to check out I know when I return to NY I will be visiting this site so I can plan out my trip to Jersey City.

Here is a cool site.

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Here is an interesting and cool site; This site runs online sweepstakes all the time but with a twist. The twist is that in the end you its member's end up deciding who the prize goes too. Yeah, that is twisted. On top of the twist there is no catch. This is a sweepstakes site I like.

Feel free to check out maybe you will be the one that gets it? I know I will be signing up for cool site. So if you see me as a finalist for a prize be sure to vote for me.

I love the sun!!

Yeah It was sunny again today and I love it. I envy the people that live in countries where there is more sunshine then rain. Oh how I soaked it up today, I was working outside again. Yes! I did wear sunscreen if you can believe that. I am refreshed thanks to the recent sunshine. Hopefully we will have a sunny summer which reminds me I better go and get some cheap sun glasses for work.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


-Paid Post-

This post is pure PPP love. Yes I love using PayPerPost on my blog. When I started I knew nothing about PayPerpost. About 30 day in I signed up for PPP and was told to apply again when this blog was 90 days old. Why this blog turned 90 days I applied and have never looked back. PPP helps company's advertise on blogs. Let me tell you I have not been disappointed with my experiences so far. Most likely with my next Paid Post after this one I will have hit 100$ in career earning with PPP. While this is not a lot for some people it is something to mean. It is a company that is taking chance son the little guys and winning because of it. For now I will use my earnings to pay for web hosting and other online adventures I get myself into. I have also visited sites that I would never have found because of PPP. Thanks for everything and I look forward to future Paid Posts.

Summer is on its way!

Well summer is on its way. We have had 2 days of sunshine and we love it. Vancouver is amazing when it is sunny and for the first time since last fall teh rain has stopped and the sun has poked its head out. We have 3 more days of pure vitamin d ahead of us. It looks like low 20's for us and let me tell you we deserve it after the winter we have had. So summer is almost here. yeah 3 months of warmth.. lol

Great Phone Deals!!!

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Looking for new phone? If you want a great price with a free bluetooth head set then head over to Wirefly and check out there selection of T-Mobile cell phones. They have a great selection of phones like the Motorola Wirefly or by calling 1.866.444.7434. There deals are time limited and you should act fast if your are thinking of getting a new phone.

If you are looking for a specific provider you can get a free Razr phone if you sign up for a service plan with any of these providers; Cingular, T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel. Now that is what I call a large selection of quality providers with free phones available on all of them. If you plan of getting phone for your family members check out there family plans. If you purchase a plan though them they will give you 2 yes Two free Razr phones. That is unbelievable.

If you don't like Razr phones then they have a large amount of other phones you can choose from. Also expect special deals like cash-back or more free gifts if you choose another phone. These guys basically give away something every time you buy a phone.

If you don't think that you can save money by using there service they have a calculator to show how much you can save by using them. See if you can save by clicking here. On top of all the free stuff and money saving prices they have they also offer free fedex shipping. Now that's what I call great service.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How do you find blogs to read?

They come to me that's how. well most of you know that I put together Our Blog Review and try and keep on top of thing with it. I have a lot of blog submitted to us there and I get to visit all of them.

I sometimes find some interesting ones, Some boning and so on. I sometimes wonder how they found me.

How do you find which blogs to read and visit?

Can Mac users Play poker?

The answer is yes. But there are not many sites out there that are compatible with Mac's. That said I have come across a site called Mac Poker. Now all you Mac users can play poker online.

This "Mac Poker" Site is really a gateway or referral site for Mac user to use to find poker sites that are able to use. The "look of the is site is actually nice. I liked the green back ground. I found it easy on the eyes.

The site is full of useful info and have a nice Poker Bonus page. I know people who play poker find these sites useful and use them often. On top of poker they also have Online Casino Bonuses. This is a great site for the Mac Gambler.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It's Always nice after work.

Well I find the days get batter after work. Most days anyway. Today I came home to find some surprizes. First one was that I had an email and I was accepted by Loudlaunch. I was surprized to see that. I think believe I signup up with them several months ago. I will explore them later in the week and see if anything becomes of them.

I also realized that have been tagged by Rob

So in turn I am going to tage a few people as well; John, Rachel, King Nomar, and the hot dog man.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Get Your Online Coupons Here

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That's right get your online coupons from Well I always hear about scams with people emailing fake coupons to each other and so on. But here we have a real site with real coupons that work.

They even have the shops that I like to shop at as well. I was amazed at the amount of Best Buy coupons they had. I was also excited at the

These guys at Coupon Chief have recently made scanning coupons easier and added "how-to" screencasts for some of our top merchants like target, best buy, amazon,, kohl's,, home depot, gap, dell, and best buy. Why wait for a coupon from the newpaper which you might lose. Get you coupons from Coupon Chief.

100th post!!

Well according to my blogger dashboard this is my 100th post. I just want to post something small for the special milestone in my blogging career. I have to thank all those out there who have helped me. But I will do that in a later post. I just what to say that I have learned a lot in my first 100 posts. It was nothing like I imagined when I first started. I guess you could say I have evolved and still growing. I know I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to that. In the mean time stay tuned for announcement regarding when beta testing for a new forum I am working on will be released.

Dream Big,


Sunday, May 6, 2007

I hate Bums In Vancouver

Yes I hate them, now even more with a passion. Yet again my truck was broken into... what for the change tray that why. Stupid Bums why do you have to mess up my truck? throw my shit everywhere? just take the dam tray.. To make things worse I even leave the doors unlocked cause I am sick and tired and having to get the locks fixed and guess what the fuckers do. Put there "tool" i.e. screwdriver in the and wreak it for me. How stupid can you get. All you have to do was open the fucken door. Though I was lucky since I went bike riding yesterday and left my bike in the back cab ( which I admit was stupid of me ) and naturally that doesn't lock But they didn’t look in there. I also have 50-100$ dollars worth of copper and aluminum to be recycled which I figure would be take for sure but they didn’t take it.

So great now I have a lock that I can’t use and no change tray. I can't wait till I come home late one night and catch the bum so I can beat the shit of him.

Yes Vancouver has a bum problem. It needs to be fixed. They need to be eliminated. I don’t; care frankly ship them somewhere else. eradicate them. Cause the help you are trying to give them is not working. There are jobs for them but they do not want to work. when will the politician get it in there head. social housing will not help these people. They do not want to work and will not work. Keep them in jail stop releasing them.

Sunday Easiness

Well I though I should take it easythis sunday and just work on the sites I am trying to put together. I though I was gonna havea lot of free time for this project today until I realized how much work I have put off on and realized that I need to put a lot into it today. Ontop of all this I am a little piss that I slept though my alarm and woke up 3 hours later then I planned on.. I hope this doesn't keep me up tonight. I am will online fo rmost of the day I think. But I should go outstide and surface for some air or go eat something. I am not playing gold today that will save me some money. Maybe driving range later then to let of some steam..

Inexpensive Book Keeping

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Do you have a small business and are having trouble keeping up with your book keeping? If you are the I would check out It is Bookkeeping for Small Businesses and more.

The founder of Accounting Paradise was starting a small business several years ago and was looking for help with his bookkeeping. All he could find was help that to costly for his business. He decided that when starting a small business you need to be able to get bookkeeping as an affordable cost. That's why he started Accounting Paradise. I checked out there

Fish Tank?

I have a fish tank in my room or as I like to call it a snail farm. it is overloaded with snails and needs to have all the crap cleaned from in between the rocks.. but I am too lazy to do that. I had many neon's of different kinds but as you know fish die.. but in my tank you don't find the dead fish. The snails devour them... If I am lucky I will see all the snails in a pile. If I see that then I know a fish has died. Now the snails are also starting to die. It makes the bottom of the tank look cool with the all teh empty shells everywhere but I don;t think that is good for the water. One weekend soon I will take on teh task of cleaning it out. I even brought the tubes to do it. I will try and take a picture and post it soon too.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Free Norton Antivirus

-This is a paid post-
Yes that's right Free. You can download free Norton Antivirus as well as 13 other free programs. When I first heard of it I was weary but after investigating further I realized that it was true. You can find out these guys do it by reading there FAQ section. I know these thing normally cost money so when I can find save money and get things for free I tend to jump all over it. Why buy things when you can get them for free I say.
I found this site clean and informative. It was easy to navigate and not hard to find things. They followed the KISS ( keep it simple stupid ) method in this site and it works. If your interested you can download free Norton Antivirus here.
Also if you want to find out more info about them and what they do you are able to email them:

Arh Hungover

ARH Hungover and not liking it. We when to the cool place last night called 6 Acres in gas town Vancouver. It gets its name because it in located in the original 6 Acres that Vancouver was build on. It is a really small place and it was filled with yuppies. Though I got lucky and snagged a premium parking spot. And the was a table for us as soon as we walked in. Cause right after there became a massive lineup and people were being told 1-1.5 hour wait.. oh boy was we lucky last night or what.. So I had a few.. some duckstein beer and another German one I can not remember how to spell. The total for me and my GF came to 60 dollars... not bad for 3 beers 2 drinks some flat bread and nachos. Well not bad for Vancouver anyway.

Friday, May 4, 2007

AIM promote

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AIM promote is an Online Lead Management Group that focuses more on making sales, and less on learning software. Learn how AIM promote has improved crm by visiting there website You can call them today at 1-888-251-4635 and sign up for a full featured 14 day trial. What sets AIM from other competitors is its lower cost of implementation and NO set up fees.

What got me going was when I checked out there pricing. They have there compared to leads360 and and they difference is huge. There set up fee is nothing while the other 2 charge 500-6000 dollars.

If anything I would look into these guys more if you are interested in there services. I mean why not use the free 14 day trail to see if you would like to use them.


Thank god its Friday.. . or do I? Friday means I get to sleep in for an extra hour tomorrow. Why ?? Well I still have to work on Saturdays. Yes it is a drag but the OT helps with the bills. So where am going with this post? well I do not know right now. Its Friday night. I am going out later to 6 Acers downtown. If I am able to take some pictures I will try and post them but no promises. I think this should be filed under random crap... lol

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Free Drug and Alcohol Referral Service

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I can't say or post enough how important it is if you or someone you know has a Drug or Alcohol problem that you find help. Going to alcohol or drug rehab is much better then going 6 feet under. is a drug rehabilitation referral service that is of no-cost to you. There are thousands to choose from and its best if you get help in finding the right one for you. Check out and take the first step in getting better or helping your friends and loved ones make the right choice. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain because you only live once. So make the best of it and visit

Canucks Lose

Well the Canucks lost in double overtime today. Which is too bad. They were badly outplayed but if it was not for having the best goalie in the world it would have been long over. Though I will say that the first goal against them should not have counted. Take away that goal and the canucks win in regulation. But the Canucks were unable to score on the power play again and one would say that it cost them the series not being able to score on the PP. Anyway I am feeling better and have work tomorrow so I am off to bed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Addicted to drugs?

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Do you drink a lot? Do you find yourself talking drugs more then just recreationally? If not you someone you know? If that is the case then you need to get help. The people at are here to help you start yourself in the right direction. They assisting you in sorting through the literally thousands of drug treatment programs out there. They will help you find the best drug treatment program for you. Best of all it is free. You can visit there site or call the 1-877-84-sober for more information to start yourself or your friends down the road to recovery.

Its Working

its working kinda. I have set up a new forum with a game plan for it. Here is the link to the site. It is called I plan to share the adspace with all the people who use it providing they have google adsense. If you want to help me beta test it then please sign up for it. It is bear righ tnow butI hope to put some hours in working on it in the next few days. If anyone wants to help other then testing just leave a message and we will talk. Look for more updates on it soon.


I'm Sick

I'm sick. My head hurts. My eyes hurt, my nose is stuffed up, I can't breath properly. I hate it.

Plus the Canucks lost and I am tired. Arh.