Tuesday, January 16, 2007


AGLOCO - A new an exciting way to earn money online with little effort. They are still in beta format right now but are signing up members now.

How it works - It is basicially a small viewbar which will sit at the bottom of your screen which will display adds and have a search engin as well.

What they do is take all the advertizing money they recieve minus 10% and then dispurse the rest among there members who used it based on the number of shares each member has.

How you get share's -

You will get one share for the first 5 hours that you have the viewbar operating. That means that you only need to have the viewbar running for 5 hours at a time each month.

You also get additional shares by refering your friends and them doing the same.

Most of us have alafge network of friends online. If we are able to bring in half of them i think this is an easy way to create a residual income with little effort...

If you are intrested... click here to sign up. ALGOCO

Any comments welcome.

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