Sunday, January 14, 2007

Day one

Well day one is now.

My goal of this blog is to find ways to make money from the internet, track my process, and help others do the same. I have idea's/ways to create income, so I welcome any susgestions anyone has.


jonathan said...

I don't know if you've heard of moola, but it is a very nickel-and-dime way of making a little money, if you're lucky.

Essentially, you start with $0.01, and then play head-to-head, double-or-nothing flash games and your account increases. There are other ways to earn money as well.

I think it is currently in beta, so you can only join by invite. I can refer anyone who leaves me their email.

I play periodically, but usually end up losing any money I've made. Currently I've got around $0.40 (you need a minimum of $10 to cash out).

Brian said...

i heard there's some websites where you watch and comment on advertisements and they pay you for it.

stratz said...

Jomathan - Send me the link or refer me. It owould be something to try for fun i fyou were bored or needed a break form work or something.

Brian - Let us know if you find out what that site is and I will post somethign about it here. Sounds intresting nut time consumeing. If you get morE info I will post somethign about it as well.

jonathan said...

I'll refer you. I need your email though and since I don't want to attract more spam, I won't post mine here.

Could PM in Hattrick (I'm 'jonovision') with your email address and I'll get you your referral.