Thursday, January 18, 2007


Now here is an intresting site/concept. MOOLA It was mentioned to me by someone who saw this site. The concept is like that of who want to be a millionair. You start off with a penny and then play another user who also has a penny. The winner doubles his/her money. You can keep doubling or keep playing for a penny. It looks fun.. The most I have in my account was 19 cents.. but lost most of it going for 32 cents. It was fun. I will contuine to play it in my spare time. However it is still in beta and you can join by invite only. If you want to play and are serious then message me and I will invite you.

My ALGOCO goals for the month of January is to get 50 total extended referrals

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jonathan said...

If you want to get AGLOCO referrals, you might want to fix the link in your post.