Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I won

Hey Just though I would let everyone know that I won a t-shirt from John Chow's website. He is always giving away stuff and always has contests going on. If you want a free link back check out his make money online review challenge. Get a link back from someone who will soon be in the top 100 technorati ratings as well as boost your traffic. I have done one in the past and it definitely given my site a boost in traffic.

Look for me to take a pic of my t-shirt when it comes in the mail and post it for everyone to marvel at. lol

Here is the t-shirt on John chow. Is that a little belly I see?


Frank said...

I read his blog and didn't find out who won the Wii. I tried to find the name of the winner and nothing was said. I had my name in the hat.

stratz said...

It is announced in the same posts as mine is announced in. Also look for a post form me in a week or so with an interactive twist to it.

matt608 said...

Congrats on winning the T-Shirt! Soon you will have The JC pen as well :d (only for a few days...)

rob stgeorge said...

Good work buddy, nice win.

Its no wonder he has a bit of a belly with all those fancy pants restaurants he goes to!

stratz said...

rob - Yeah I geuss I do to since I have been to most of the same ones he has been to.. lol and actually at the some one on the same day a couple of times. But I still havntt spotted him yet.

I went to a cool places downtown vancovuer this weekend gotta keep reminding the old ladie to bring out the camera cause she forgets and then I have no pics to posts.