Monday, April 9, 2007

Review ME

Well I might as Well break Down and give in a do Review me on this blog. What you get in return is a post with your name and site on it with a bit of info on it as well. I will do them in batches of 3 at a time. All I will ask is a link back anywhere and mention/link of my review site Our Blog Review as well. Anytaker that I will get beyond batch 1 ??

Also If you can fix my technoarti problem so that it will show the proper rating for this blog as well say that it has been updated.... it is stuck on no updated. I will send you 5 us dollars though paypal


Shailendra Doke said...


Thanks for the link. Your link is blinking on my blog.


Shailendra Doke said...

banner is on my blog.