Monday, April 30, 2007

The Lowest Bid Wins?

That's right. The Lowest Bid wins at bid4prizes. This is a new site with a cool way of winning/buying things. Unlike Ebay or other Auction site where the highest bidder wins, this works the complete opposite. If you have the lowest unique bid you win. Instead of being the sucker that bids the highest your the stud that chose the lowest.

I know my dream prize would be a dream holiday for 2 . 3 weeks ,all exclusive, at any 2 locations in the world. I would hope to score dream holiday in the 100-200 dollar range. My second choice would be tickets to a major sporting event. Like the NHL Stanley cup game or the Super Bowl. Naturally I would love to win it for a low as possible but would expect something of this stature to go in the 100-200 dollar range.

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