Monday, April 30, 2007

Page Rank 3

Well after the new rankings came out the other day I was pleased to see that This blog and Our Blog Review both received Page ranks of 3. I was surprised that this one received it. But can't complain Because it will increase the PayPerPost opportunities I can get.

Now I need to get my as moving on my new site and see how high I can get it ranked by the next update.


Active Fanatic said...

congrats, you now own a pr 3 blog. but you need to change the blog design to match the pr.

and by the way, can we exchange links ?

The Rapid Money Experiment

Frank said...

I am at 15$ with adsense after a full year... virtually nobody (0.64%) click on my adsense banners.

My main source of revenue is PPP. I have exactly made 600$ in 3 months exactly.

Frank said...

ouch. the canucks blow a 2-0 lead. that hurts.

Frank said...

BTW Stratz, did you register to Agloco thru my links?