Sunday, April 1, 2007

30 Million Reason Turned into 38 million

So no one one the 38 Million jackpot for lotto yesterday. So wednesday draw will be 38 million. I guess I am off to get more tickets for me again. Here are the odds for winning this sucker.


80.50% of the Pool's Fund(1), Share of Pool(3)


5.75% of the Pool's Fund, Share of Pool(3)


4.75% of the Pool's Fund, Share of Pool(3)


9% of the Pool's Fund, Share of Pool(3)

Any Prize


so will i defy the 1 in 13 million odds? Or will I fail again.

TIM HORTONS CONTEST is not over but they usually still give out the cups until they run out. So potentially I can still win something other then a Coffey. Guess I should go cash in my free Coffey's now. Once all the cups are gone I will give you guys my totals for this years rollllllll up the rimmm to win.

Also expect a update later tonight for Marches earning and stats......


LiVEWYRE said...

oh balls, I just noticed my LYCOS web account has disappeared (hopefully just a temporary glitch) this is where I have parked the OBR banner it is AWOL for now...
I could move it so it is parked at my at least I have control over that domain.. otherwise you could stick it in the OBR site folder?? Bummer 'cos I parked my spreadsheet with munny4hunny earnings at the same place, I'll have to re-think...

stratz said...

Yeah if you want I can park it with OBR site. let me know what is best for you.