Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Well I might as well keep this short and sweet. I received no cheques in march for my efforts online. Fear not I may get some/one one day. lol here are my stats for Our Blog Review and site combined.

3,194 page views
For 10.82 $ from google adsense.
for a eCPM of $ 3.38

Next month I should have kontra advertising and possibly other forms of revenue to report on. With Our Blog Review growing, income should improve. Look for new stuff this month at Our Blog Review.


Frank said...

You are doing better than me with adsense. I hardly make any money each month with them. Hopefully I do a lot of PPP stuff. I am at 500$ in 10 weeks with them. Pretty good extra cash.

stratz said...

Thats nice cash man. This blgo is almsot at 90 day mark.. middle fo this month so It will be good for me then. You should sign up for kontra for your blog as wel you should get it. add an extra source of revenue for your site.