Friday, February 9, 2007

So many way's, So little time,

After checking around other sites and search engine's. I have discovered that there appears to be a lot of sites and ways out there to make little chunk's of money. How to make lots as is every ones goal? From what I can see to reach your goal of creating an extra income you need a large readership base. These reader also need to follow your ideas as well. kinda like the saying "you say jump, I say how far". Well almost like that. They have to believe in what you say and the products/methods that you bring forward for them. Its as simple as that.

- Create a readership base
- Have them believe that they can also become like.
- Have them believe that they can make money the same way you are.
- Be honest and don't mislead your readers.

Also you have to appear like you enjoy your doing what your doing otherwise people will become uninterested.

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