Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Lot

So I signed up yesterday for Mylot. Mylot is a community where you have open discussions about anything you want. While at the same time earning a little bit of money for doing so. The idea of how it works is simple. You post messages and receive money for doing so. MY guess is that the site receives ad revenue and disperses it out to its community based on the amount of posts/time you spend there. I think that those people who like message boards and group discussions would like this place because aside from doing what you like you would also receive a little bit of money for your time. They pay you out monthly when you reach 10 dollars minimum and they pay though pay pal. I know of several people who have received money form them so do not be afraid of being scammed. There users base is almost 70k and growing. I have enjoyed my experience s far and would see myself using this If I wanted or need a quick answer to a question and no one was around to help me with it..

If you are interested and want to sign up then click here or here.

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