Monday, February 26, 2007

Promoting vs Income

I have come to realize that during my short blogging career that to have and maintain and decent blog takes up a lot of time and work. I have realized that there is way more effort required then I led to believe when I started. No one told me that I would have be actively promoting my blog day in and day out. That for several Payperpost you have to have a active blog 90 days or older to qualify. So here is a list of things that new bloggers should know before they start blogging.

1. Be prepared to post everyday or almost everyday. If you are not ready/willing to site down and take the time to type or look things up then don't bother starting a blog.

2. If you think/want to make money online through you blog and other resources then be prepared to wait. The first several months of your blog you must be out there actively promoting yourself to other blogs and sites. Link exchange is a must.

3. Actively link exchange. Why? because you will need the return links to you site. Google page rank and other stats use this a "voting" system and ranks you blog/site accordingly to the amount you have linking back to your site. The more you have the more advertisers will pay to advertise on your site.

4. Sign up with technorati, alexa, as well as any other sites that track your incoming links and will give you ranking. The better your ranking the better chance you will have for earning money.

5. Expect tough times for the first several month. Expect lots of effort with little return. After several months hopefully you will have created a viewer base and a large number of return links. From there the effort should decrease and you should see some return on your investment of your time. But be aware, do not decrease your effort to such low levels because you should always put effort into what you do.

6. Encourage and participate in discussion when comments are left on your blog. When new people come to your site and they see comments they instantly see that this site is popular ( people regularly visit it ) this will encourage them to come back and they may even leave comments of there own.

7. Keep your content your own and be your self..... HAVE FUN and use spell check.


Rachel said...

Thank you for this useful article.

stratz said...

No problem. I am still finding it hard. But don't give up. See the hard part out and we should do fine.