Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Always Looking

Don't you find you are always looking to find new ways to earn money online. Shouldn't that time be spent better in making your current methods more productive? I think that is what is wrong with my method of obtaining wealth online. I believe that is my problem, as well as most of ours who are in the same boat. I bet if I spend more time promoting and working my current methods of income then I would be able to increase my overall income faster then if I were continually seeking new methods. This is why I will focus more in my current methods instead of seeking out new ones. I am not saying if I am presented with a possible source that I will not take it. I will not be actively looking for them. I will let them find me.

Also I will post at the end of the month the earnings totals so far.


Burtle said...

Interesting idea - however sometimes I guess if you are not on the look out for new ideas - they may pass you by. Its probably one of those situations where you need to do a bit of everything to make sure all bases are covered.

stratz said...

yeah I did some re-thinking after first reading your comment and I think that it should be more 80% effort into your current methods and 20% into looking for new ones.

Rachel said...

I agree with you that you need to concentrate on a few money making ideas. I have worked on promoting a site for 2 weeks and have got 80 referrals (50 level 2 and 15 level 3). Now I am thinking of promoting a new website as hopefully these referrals will generate an income for me. However, i do sign up for sites that I think look good and then use them myself, put the link on my blog but hold off promoting until I know it is good and paying well.

stratz said...

Rachel -

Wow that great work what site did you promote for 2 weeks and got teh 80 referrals? Hopefully you will be able to earn some money from all of them. I like that Idea of putting the link up but holding off time you know for certain that you will get paid and others will get paid. Proof of payment is huge among the Internet users.