Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ice hockey Game today

Well I just got back from my Ice hockey game. I thought I would write about the team and game. Even though we lost 7-5 we played our best game of the season by far. We played a team that started the season many tiers above us and have come down. Actually it was a team full of Croatians. I though I was at a soccer game with all there fans there watching. Anyway back to the game. They were an extremely good skating team and looked like the had an advantage over us. They started strong and score first. However we battled hard and the first period ended 3-2 for them. Half way through the second we picked up our game and I though dominated them for the rest of the game. However they got Lucky and we had a break down which they took full advantage of and scored on their chances. We ended the game strong but fell short. In the game I scored 11 goal and added 2 assists. The other team had someone taping the game so if I get a copy of it I will try and put up the clip of my goal cause it was a beauty. It was a breakaway I deaked and feinted and put it on my backhand top shelf where your momma keeps teh cookie jar. lol.. lets hope i get a copy of my goal so I can post it.

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