Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vancouver Canucks Alumni

As some of you know I play beer league hockey out of 8-rinks in Burnaby. Which also happens to be the site where the Vancouver Canucks practice out of. Well at my last game I was watching the game before us on the rink next to the one I was supposed to play in and guess who was playing? The Vancouver Canucks Alumni were having a fun game. I recognized a few of the recently retired Canucks and those that are on TV. I recognized Gary Valk straight away with his chiseled chin. I saw some Canucks greats such as Brouder (sp?) It was interesting to watch as some of them were slow but you noticed that they passed hard and out of no where came their super hard shots. It was fun and you cold see why they were pros B/C despite there age they would have still kicked my hockey teams ass any day.

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Frank said...

sad day for us indeed but it is less important for you than us. Your spot in the playoffs is assured. Plus we didn't made any move at the trade deadline and this is very bad news. Looks like they threw the towel for this season and it sucks... ;)