Wednesday, March 28, 2007

30 million reasons

Up here is Canada there has been a bit of negative publicity recently regarding our government run lotteries. More so our scratch and wins as well as our big lotto. They have discovered that a store owner is more likely to win then anyone else. Back east there were a lot of stores that would put little pin pricks in the scratchy's and then check the numbers, keeping the winners for them selves and selling the losers. More recently the major scandal is that the local store owners are checking the lotto tickets and telling the customers that they didn't win or they only won 10 dollars when in fact they won millions. I have always checked my tickets at home before going to the store and giving them my ticket for them to check. I never every just give my ticket to the store clerk to check with out checking it myself and neither should you. This Saturday's jackpot is 30 million. That's 30 million reasons for somone to screw you. Double check your lotto tickets before handing them to the clerk to check.

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