Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Risk = Reward part 1

Well actually Risk = Reward is somewhat true. The higher the risk usually = the higher the reward. It is true everywhere, especially in business. Rob and I took risk joining together to formk a partnership. I think the risk was mostly taken by him joining with me.. But as it turned out his risk was reward as I landed a fish that showered us with a little bit of money. We could have taken that money and gone our separate ways but we took more risk and that money has spawned a nice little "company", and many websites now. We are building our assets till we reach a point which we are able to draw a salary from them. Our goal is by Christmas but if we increase our Risk and the reward is higher then it maybe sooner. Right now we are focusing on driving traffic to our sites and earning adsense off them. So if you need karate myspace layouts or different myspace layouts then you know where to go.

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