Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What I go in competitions too?

My buddy has this competition which you can read about here at his personal blog called munny4hunny Every time I hear teh song munny hunny by stat of shock I always think of his website.. thanks a lot.

Thats right 5 dollars is all it takes if you want to advertise on this lads new site. I would say it is work it. I was also have a peak around it too while you are at it. It has some kick ass pages for the newbie blogger and internet newbie such as online money, free software for you to use and SEO advice.. If you don't know what SEO stands for then I am sure you will know after reading about it in his new site. I was goin gto buy these guys a beer or 2 for there hard work but apparently they only drink coffee... Time to man up and let us buy you a beer.

Anyway I did some research into this jay or john livewrye guy and found a picture on him I am not sure which is real or who he claims to be is true. Either way he made a great website for the bloggers out there. So go Check out livewyre.NET

Is this him

Or is this him?

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LiVEWYRE said...

ha ha - nice one...

stratz said...

though you might like it. .hehe

Linky Love said...

Yaaah Yaaah, vinally zomebody that mazterz the language perfectly,
now you zhould sign up at PrayPerPost!

stratz said...

yeah as y ou can tell I put my heart and sole into making sure I could spell there..