Thursday, June 21, 2007

Burnign out fast.....

The work day never ends for me. That's right today was a 15 hour day and you could say still counting since I am sitting down writing this on my blog right now. But tomorrow should only be a 10 hour day. The sad thing is that I can feeling myself burning out right now. I missed my 3 phone alarms, and my second back up clock radio woke me up this morning other wise I would have been late. If I can only hold out for one more week then I will survive and the max will be 10 hours a day not 15... here's to Sunday my day off.

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rob stgeorge said...

Sounds like you need to slowdown there buddy, theres more to life than working thats for sure.

jay said...

rob's right y'know.... take a rest - give yourself a couple of days...

Athena Ortiz said...

Did you mean a review of my blog?

stratz said...

Rob And Jay:

Yeah I should slow down. But the money will be nice when I am able to spend it. Wait I can't spend it stupid apartment taking all my money.