Sunday, June 3, 2007

Projects I am working on

I just thought I would let everyone know what project I have on the go and I am working on. They are in no specific order though someof there are still being worked on and not ready for release.

1. Stratz's Blog. or this blog sinc e you are reading this post.
2. Mr word Vs Yours. My .com blog which is young and expermential
3. Our Blog Review. Still kicking and going though it has been reviewed from some established blogs and is said to be need of a make over.
4. MMMtalk and MMMtalk forums. A web forum and blog that goes with it which I have been working on for a few months now. It is young and in beta so sign up now.
5. An online store... stay tuned for more info on it comming soon.

Also I will only be posting the top 5 site that refer me every second day now as this blog has be flagged as a spam blog by blogger. So I cut down the amount of outgoing links for now.

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