Friday, June 8, 2007

My Interview!

I got interviewed check out how it went..........

Greg Stratz – Internet Entrepreneur in the making

So Greg, When did you start blogging and what got you started?
Well I first started on January 14th 2007. Looking to make money and I kinda wanted a blog for a while.

What was your motivation to start Our Blog Review?
Well I saw what others had done. Thought I could improve on them and away I went. I had a dream. lol

What’s the next project that you are getting involved in?
I am involved in is MMMTalk Forums which is a web forum for bloggers and other online users who what to share ideas and earn money at the same time. I hope to have Adsense ad sharing for our registered users if they have Google Adsense. A way to help out those who help us.

What will mmmtalk offer that other forums don’t have?

We will share the advertising with our registered users. Right now it is set up so you are able to put in your Adsense ad code. We are being cautious right now so that we are not violating any Google rules. I have contacted Google and AdSense sharing is allowed. We are also set up to share Amazon Affiliates as well so if you don’t have an Adsense account you can use Amazon. Right now, because we are still tweaking the Adsense one you are actually able to put your Amazon one in and it should work.

How can people get involved?
They can get involved by signing up and posting. We need people to help spread the word as well. We will also be having promo's to spread the word later in the month hopefully. If you think you can help all you have to do is message me.

How do you find the time to do all this stuff?
Well beside working 2 jobs, getting engaged, playing icehockey and softball this spring/summer, I am not sure how I managed I mean this interview just took up a big chunk of my time. lol Now I have to go look at an apartment I might get. No I get 6 hours of sleep a night and sleep in on Sunday. Since I work Saturdays too. You can sleep when you’re dead I am told.

What does your fiancée think about you spending all this time in the blogosphere?
Well since she is doing her practicum to be a teacher she is very busy and is happy that I am not bugging her but when she is done it may be a different story. She can't complain because I am making a little bit of money.

What will you be doing in five years time?
Retired hopefully. I hate Work in general. When I was young I had planned to be a slum landlord like Donald Trump so I better start investing in real-estate while I am somewhat young.

Thanks for your valuable time Greg – Interview terminated…

Interview conducted by John


shaun said...

Good interview i think you did awsome!

stratz said...

Thank you.. well thank john for interviewing me.

jay said...

I thought you were pretty of the interview will appear on my site, linked to this post..