Sunday, June 17, 2007

John Chow Contest.

John Chow is givign away more free stuff. He is evil and knows how to make money. He even has his site is hosted by a company that is hosting Canada and the rest of the world. Too bad they won't host me for free.

Now if you go in John Chows Contests don't forget to go in mine which promote my forum which was around before Nomar's! Check it out mmmTALK Forums. Or Visit there blog for more info on free stuff.

(Also John Chow you can buy any of these links for 5 dollars a month. I think it's worth it )
Top 5 sites that Refer people here!

1.Munny 4 Hunny
2. Turn 1 Pound into a Million
3. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
4. Web Designer Cochin
5. Gold Rushin'


rob stgeorge said...

Don't sell him number three.

stratz said...

lol I won;t but I got 2 entries in.. which increases my odds.