Tuesday, June 5, 2007


OMG is all I can say right now. Today at work I came across the biggest poo I have ever seen. Some jackass pooed in the Family change room sink at the swimming pool where I word and geuss who had to clean it up? Me. Its wasn't that bad to clean cause it was solid but it was massive and in the sink. I took some pictures with my phone camera with it if I can figure out how to email them I will post them up here for all of yo to be sickened with.

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The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
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5. Gold Rushin'


rob stgeorge said...

On behalf of all your readers - please dont!

stratz said...

But the picture does not do this giant turd any justice. It is bigger IRL. I was amazed that anyone was able to push that out of themselves.

jay said...
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jay said...

ooooopps I meant to say...NOOO, NOOO please NOOO don't do it!...