Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Promotion

Promotion available - 3 links in the article giving a total of 120 links from 40 Blogs. Still a great price for people looking to rank up in Technorati over night. Check out the comment from David on his success and see my personal success with in the article.

Are you looking to increase your Technorati authority by 40 (varies) and recieve 120 backlinks to your site in just a day? If so for just $25.00 for a limited time you can receive 120 links from 40 different blogs ranging from PR0 - PR4. These blogs are all hosted on its own unique ip address spread over four c-class networks: 208.70.76.x, 208.70.77.x, 64.27.12.x, 64.27.7.x.

The Rules for Submission:
$25 - an article written by you will be posted on all 40 blogs (maximum of 500 words)
a) no more than 3 links per article.
b) no porn, no warez, no illegal content.
d) extra links above the initial 3 are $5 each.

1) Send payment to my Paypal account

2)Paypal not required major credit cards accepted click buy now!

3) Email me the HTML as an attachment for the article(s) meaning included URL(s) and anchor texts in article.

4) I will then verify your payment by matching it to your email.

5) The turnaround time is an estimated 24 hours.

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