Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The INternet.

The internet is like a you and me a small kid who grew up into a big man and is growing wiser larger and much more versatile than what it was in the beginning. Its complexity has increased over the years with advances in technology but is however growing more and more user friendly which is a very big positive point and the driving force in its growth so much so that its growth is being propelled at such an amazing pace that its growth and advancement is totally unpredictable.
The internet grew from a totally blank screen of codes to one where one could just put up images. the next generation was that of scripts. It began with the most popular CGI scripts and now there are so many scripting languages with so many applications and many other things you can embed into a page that will make you just wonder at the marvel that is the INTERNET.
Internet web page content has also changed over the years. in the beginning it was just a means of portraying a product or service that was handled elsewhere. Nowadays advancements in technology has made it possible to make phone calls, transfer files, stream videos or live content etc. Nowadays it is also possible to order services or goods online as well as track their progress as to where it is or what process of packaging or shipping the product has reached!
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