Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Police are Back.

That's right everyone the band the Police is back. They actually reformed here in Vancouver in the winter. Everyone was excited and it was all over the radio stations. My family has a little history with the police... Well kinda. My sister somehow met up with sting when he was last here and spent the night in his company at the No. 5 Orange drinking all night. How cool is that. The police actually started off there new tour last week here in Vancouver. I was lucky enough to get tickets and went to there second show with a buddy from work. Yeah it was expensive but it worth it. Sting looked great and sounded great. I was amazed to see that these guys still had it in them. It was great to hear all my favorite song from them live that I never though I would get the chance to hear. I was happy to see both young and older people at the concert. They have attracted a variety of audiences which is good to see. I also saw the new police cd which is new compilation CD of their greatest hits. I was happy at the concert when they played message in a bottle which is my favorite song. you can also find this song on the new police cd. if you have not see a picture of the new cd here is what it it looks like. I actually purchased it as a gift for my parents. They loved it as much as I have actually.

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