Monday, June 4, 2007

Geuss What I Won?

Well when I came home today from work I was pleasantly surprised when I was checking out another blog I saw that I had won a 25$ AdWords certificate from Me and My Drum. See here for the contest and my name.. he he. Now I know That will come in handy real soon. I also came home to about 30 emails as well regarding projects I am workign on and PPP paid me bunch today. Actually for some reason I revieved close to 70 dollars in my account today from various company's. Good start to the month for me.

I also got an email regarding Banners from John so I will see if they work here. He is really good at making them and has a promotion goign where he makes them for you if you like.

small banner for sidebar:

forum mmmtalk

larger banner as on mmmtalk:

forum mmmtalk

Arn't they Great?????????


J said...

Congratulations. Have you ever advertised with AdWords before? Which of your many projects do you plan on promoting?

stratz said...

I will plan on promoting the store on adwords and maybe the forum. But the forum will have some prizes and othe rprom's comming end of july... link backs and so on so it should be an interesting finish to june for me to see how much I will earn.. right now.. only PPP for me.

jay said...

wow! they stand out on black don't they!!
congrats on the prize...