Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I found my fitnesspal

Well according to my mum and Gf, I am getting fat. Though I way 192 lbs and I am 5"10 I would say I am not fat but looking puffy at most. Because of them I am looking to lose 20 pounds. That is my goal before my wedding. I recently found http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ which is a free diet and fitness website. What I like about this site is that it is free. MyFitnessPal has a free calorie counter to help you lose weight. What I like about there free calorie counter compare to others is that it is fast and easy to use and will teach you the nutritional contents of what you are eating, and consequently, how you can make better food choices. For me that is a big hurdle that I have to get over. Making better food choices and since I have started with this site I have seen a difference in my choices in what I eat.

Stay tuned in future posts to see how I progress though out the next year.

Top 5 sites that Refer people here!

1.Munny 4 Hunny
2. Turn 1 Pound into a Million
3. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under
4. Web Designer Cochin
5. Gold Rushin'

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