Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hearos Ear Plugs

One thing, as a carpenter, I have to deal with at work is noise. Thus I have to use ear plugs all the time because the loud bangs and saw noises. For this reason if I want to keep my hearing I need to wear ear plugs.

My fiancee also uses ear plus but for different reasons for her I buy her earplugs from Hearos.com. Hearos has all sorts different themed plugs for different uses and peoples needs. She like the "nemo" earplugs when she goes swimming and the "pretty pink" one for when we are sleeping.

This Christmas we are going to get some musician ear plugs for my sister. This way when she plays her harp in the orchestra she will not complain to us about the noise afterwards. Then she can not say that I do not care about her.

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