Monday, October 15, 2007

Mint Credit Cards

I believe I can safely saw that here in North America that 95% of us have and carry credit cards with us all the time. Now most of us do use them regular, I myself do, and some of us do get into balance problems and can not or do not pay there monthly fees and fall behind. This putting extra money from your pockets into the Credit Cards pockets. Now you can help stop this growing problem with a Brand new Mint credit card. The credit card offer is for a 0% credit card which includes no interest on balance transfers for 13 months. This means is you are up to your next in dept on several other Credit cards and the interest you are paying is too much. They my dice for you is to get the Mint credit card because it will save you the interest on all Balance transfers. So in turn cancel your other Credit cards and you then own mint that money but they will not charge you any interest on that balance for 13 months. That is one way of saving your money. Get a Mint credit card today and stop paying high interest rates on your current balances for over one year.

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