Saturday, October 27, 2007

Finding Commercial Finance Loans

Some great new commercial finance programs have been released recently by private investor groups searching for solid commercial investments and joint ventures. We offer numerous truly creative private investor funding programs worldwide.

If you are seeking joint venture finance then there are some excellent private programs that have been made available. All are project based, some have no debt servicing, no bank type hassles or red tape. There is a program that funds in 20 days!!!

These Joint Venture programs are really the very best available and in exchange for 100% LTV funding the funding partners would require 20%-50% equity participation. We have funded over $3 Billion worth of projects over the last 3 weeks with a 97% approval rate - Put simply, this is as easy as it gets!

The commercial funding options are the best available for casino resorts and hotel funding solutions. Our commercial funding programs assist in a seamless solution that allows principals to concentrate on their ventures.

This is truly Unique Commercial Funding of up to $4 Billion for: Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Commercial Hi-Rise, Commercial Mixed Use, Office Buildings/Parks, Residential Developments of all types, Medial Facilities, Shopping Centers and Malls, Golf Courses, Entertainment/Sports Facilities, Luxury Housing Developments, Transportation Conglomerates, Precious Metals and Gemstone mining, Oil Refineries/Drilling and more!

This surely is the easiest available source of funding for all suitable Commercial Ventures. So, if you have any Commercial Projects ready to go, or any that have been on the backburner for any reason, now is the best time to submit a profile and get the ball rolling.

Profiles only take a few minutes to complete, and this can be quickly done online.
This is as easy as it gets, and is definitely a limited time opportunity, so get to it.


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