Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cancer Awareness

It is extremely important for everyone to be aware of the risks of cancer. Most of us have known someone who has been effected by this terrible disease and knowing how to help is something that most of us would probably like to know. If you do want to know more about it then there is a great blog written by a guy who has battled with testicular cancer himself. He has written about his story in lots of detail and then his other articles discuss how he is living his life today as well as information about other cancers such as lung, prostate. There are quite a mix of articles on the blog such as relevant links to news articles on cancer and other illnesses so it is highly informative. The blog is a positive pink color which makes it feel a lot more cheerful than you would expect from the subject matter. So if you want to be inspired by a fighting spirit or just want more information (and there is a lot!) then this blog will be very useful to you.

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