Sunday, October 14, 2007

Since I am in the construction business I am all about finding the cheapest but quality product that I am able to give the most markup for. I recently found which I must tell you about. Floorzbuzz is a wholesale company that supply's products at low margins creating huge volumes thus passing savings onto us the customers. Floorzbuzz offers Kronotex Laminate Flooring, Legacy Marble, Iznik Travertine and other popular branded floor & wall coverings as well as tile. This site and company is for home builders as well as anyone building a home or remodeling it will save and make you money if you know what mean. They take the time to go through stringent quality inspections making sure the highest quality standards of travertine tile, laminate flooring, glass tile and ceramic tile are met. That way only the best is shipped out to everyone in North America. With the quality they are just another company in the sea. Check them out if you are looking to do work to your home.


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Anonymous said...

do you know where they are based out of?