Saturday, October 27, 2007

Discovery Of Champion Gene Pool in Thoroughbred Horse Breeding

Discovery Of Champion Gene Pool in Thoroughbred Horse Breeding

After 25 Years of exhaustive research, JustGenes are excited to announce the discovery of specific gene pools that dictate the future prospects of every single thoroughbred racehorse.

In research that has taken many thousands of man hours to conduct and involved the research of the entire pedigree of over one thousand subject thoroughbreds worldwide. This research was only made possible over the last few years with the use of a network of high-powered computers and specialized software. The new research is set to change the way breeders approach Horse Breeding.

These results are set to rock conventional breeding theories, as they concentrate on gene pools only and have shown that ALL champion racehorses carry the same genetic makeup at the "back-end" of their pedigrees. The research has shown that maternal characteristics, or perceived abilities of progeny within those families are as a result of unwitting[in most cases] genetic manipulation and pooling of genes, and nothing else. Put simply, without the identified gene pool, your thoroughbred racehorse will not reach top class or champion status on the racetrack.

The research has also shown that "nicking" or line breeding are only useful when the rest of the entire pedigree falls together as a complete jigsaw, and that nicks and linebreeding simply help the formation of the gene pool, for better or worse, and this is why this breeding system has only achieved limited success.

Scott Hoggett, the founder of JustGenes says, "This is a huge advancement in the ability of breeders and buyers to identify the future prospects of their intended purchases, whether they are weanlings, yearlings, broodmares or stallions. Best of all, it allows breeders to manipulate their broodmare's offspring gene pool to give the resultant foal the best possible chance to succeed at the highest level on the racetrack." He added, "The ramifications of this are huge. Of course I am not going to disclose any details of our research. This has been a huge project both financially and logistically, and the results will be kept in house, and refined even further."

The research has shown the importance of every single name within each individual pedigree. Scott Hoggett says, "It is important to remember that each name that you see in a pedigree brings with it its own genetic characteristics. For instance, it may interest people to know that every time you see the name Ribot in a horses pedigree, it brings with it around 12,000 lines of Herod [1758] and over 8,000 lines of Eclipse [1764], and this is only part of Ribot's gene pool."

JustGenes research shows that it is possible to manipulate the gene pool of your mare's progeny with the careful selection of a stallion, and will provide serious breeders with a supreme advantage. Sound use of our research will also allow yearling buyers to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by knowing which highly touted yearlings will not make the grade.

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