Monday, October 29, 2007

Custom T-shirts..

One thing I like to do for people birthdays and special occasions is to print out custom t-shirts. That said, I find it really hard to find a good place here in Vancouver that has the t-shirts that I want, and is able to produce the amounts and quality I am looking for. I like and need variety for me to make my choice.

Until now I had to drive around for ours looking for the right look. But today that all changed when my sister found while looking for t-shirts for a upcoming Stag-et party. She knows I am always getting t-shirts printed and she though I would love this site and let me tell you I do. I can not wait till the next stag comes along cause I am going to get the perfect t-shirts.

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loosy said...

Your gift idea was really good.....Recently i found a custom t shirt of my dreams, at ! All of their cotton rhinestone t shirts are embellished with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones that are individually handset.