Sunday, March 4, 2007

What To Write About?

What Should I Write About?

What should I write about? I want you guys to tell me what you want to read? please leave me a message in the comments box or simply email me. I can write about how my other site - Our Blog Review - is comming along? I could write about Making Money online and the different methods? The schemes out there and the actual legit ones? I could write how to inprove you blog? I could put more posts about sports? New Gadgits? Online Technology? Posts new video's I come across online? Have mroe diarly related posts about my life? I could talk about my work as a Carpenter and the leaky Condo business? I have some good construction stories..

I am not running out of stuff to post I think I need to take this is a certain direction or directions and I need your help. I ain't no John Chow but I can provide you with good content.

In other news I won my first free coffey of this years Tim Horton's Roll up the rim to win contest.

This year as every year in March Tim Horton's Gives away 30 cars as well as over 30,000,000 in other prizes. This year they are also giving away 100 - 42 inch plasma TV's, 10,000 - Ipod nano's and 500 cash prizes of 1,000 dollars. I liked last years prizes better but I didn;t win any other then free coffey. Maybe this will be my year. Wish me luck.


jonathan said...

What self respecting Canadian blogger would pass at the chance to write about Rrroll Up the Rim to Win? I sure couldn't.

I say keep up what you're doing. I like hearing about legitimate money-making opportunities on the web.

stratz said...

Yeah what Can I say neither can I. Tim's is the best. I want a good prize this year. Give me a TV or the money.

Frank said...

did you win any^

stratz said...

Just a coffey so far. But lots of time left to win a car.

easymoney said...

I'd be interested in trading blog links with you. Take a look and let me know. - Take care.

Impurity said...

Yup chuck my blog on your review site. And I'll link to yours.