Monday, March 26, 2007

Lesson # 1

Lesson when you have an idea for a post. Write it down right away. I have had so many potential great posts the last few week though up during the day when I was at work only to come home and draw a blank when the times comes to write it down. This applies for everything, you think of something write it down. You need to get somethign write it down. I am bad for this because I have a rarely used agenda and a brain full of idea's that are being wasted because I don't write them down. I will try to start to writting them down. You should to.

I have to post this. I came across this today and have to share it with you. Its work safe too.
Who sat
Who says girls like bab boys???


Frank said...

Well, I guess he was too much of a bad boy eh? :)

stratz said...

Hey you can never been too much of a bad boy.. lol