Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hockey 4-4 Tie

Well another long day for is over and work starts in 5.5 hours. Boy do I need some sleep. Well after putting in another 10 hour shift. ( Building a house ) I was able to catch up on most of the work for my other site Our Blog Review. It is still a work in progress but is now getting close to 15 new unique visits a day not including the returnees. Which is encouraging for me.

As for Ice Hockey tonight we played to a 4-4 draw. We out played, out chanced, and should of beat them but alas we did not. I did score the opening goal for our team and missed my usual breakaway. I might have another 2 games next week as well. and start practicing for spring hockey soon. oh yeah maybe I should try to get back into shape. Good Night

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