Friday, March 9, 2007

Treasure Trooper

Ok so I finally broke down and signed up for treasure trooper after hearing about it for the longest time. Once again I would create a different email account if you choose to sign up for this. ( they even suggest it on there website. ) There are lots of proof of payments out there. They have a very large proof of payment section in there forums where users have submitted pictures of themselves. There are lots of little way to make between .50 - 1.50 dollars each task. There are lots of tasks that is possible for you to complete. There are also higher paying ones if you choose to sign up for certain products. If interested feel free to sign up here


After 20 cups I have 3 free ones. No big wins yet. Still 2/3's of the way to go. I want the CAR.

Also I will try to get some pictures of the house I am building and post them for everyone to see.

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