Sunday, March 25, 2007


So tonight I saw Shark Water. I have to say it was well done. I saw it with a friend of mine while our girlfriends saw regin over me. I wanted to see the hills have eyes but no one wants to see it with me.

Shark Water is a startling film about how we are treating sharks, our misconceptions about them and what they are really like. During the movie its self my friend became quite angry at the screen more so what certain people where doing to the sharks. It made me fell like I want to become an activist. I wish I can stop poachers and the effects they are having on our world. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone. If anything it will open your eyes to the things that are happening in the world that we do not know about and will not ordinary hear about.

In our news Our Blog Review is commign along nicely. I am a little bit behind in upateing peoples blogs on the site but I am still able to put a new review ofn the main page everyday. We have a huge list of blogs that have been submitted to us. I also have a few otehr idea's that I would like to incorpate into it but it is too much for me right now.


Grant said...

I had the fantastic experience of going shark cage diving late last year near Cape Town. I was in awe at the beauty of them - and the size!

stratz said...

Wow Thats awsome, I wish to be able to do that someday too. Hoepfully before I am too old.