Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just Say Hi - The Review

I have Heard that JustSayHi is Better than Yahoo Personals. Why Because it's Free and Free is good, Everyone like free thing, and good free things are hard to find. I am not an avid user of dating sites but I have seen many asking for money. My first impression of is that The site is really easy Navigate. It has drop-down menus to select your desired date profile and you are taken straight to the 60 second sign-up page! I have heard from other people who have used other dating sites that they have had take hours to sign up there profile. I think this is called the 60 second sign up page for a reason( hint hint). What I like about it is that you are able to browse around before you sign up. Nothing sucks more than signing up for something ( especially when you have to pay) and what your looking for is simply not there. So why don't you pay a visit today. Create a free profile and go meet someone.

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LiVEWYRE said...

Ha ha
You got round to it then??
I've done another one today, roll on PPP and the big bucks...