Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tim Hortons Update. 2 for 14. Still no car or cash but yet to hear of anyone else winning so hopes are still high.

In other news I need to sit down and put in a good hour on updating Our Blog Review website. I have several blogs that need to be added to there correct category section. Plus I need to keep promoting it hard which I haven't done today. Does anyone know any ways in which I can promote it? Any suggestions? Tomorrow will be a tough day as well for me. 10 hours of work and a late night hockey game.. arh. I promise to have some money making posts later in this week when my real life has clamed down.


jonathan said...

2 for 14? You must be averaging almost 2 cups a day, as the contest has only been going on since last Monday (at least where I am).

I'm 0 for 6, but last year I started 0 for 15, so it could be worse.

stratz said...

Yeah 2 cups sounds right. 1 on the way to work and one at coffey break or lunch. Good luck I hope one of us gets a car or cash. I'll even take an ipod or tv if they are the only prizes left.