Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I'm Wired

Arh I just got back from my Ice Hockey game its after 12 am, and I am wide awake and wired. Work starts in less then 6.5 hours, ARHHHH. What do I do?

By the way we lost 4-3 in OT. For some reason the ref's made us play 3 vs 3 in stead of 4 vs 4 and they score with a wicked shot on a 1 on 1 from a kinda bad angle top shelf. It was a rough and fast game, I enjoyed it a lot. On wednesday I play with my real team at 10:30om again so it will be another late one. Sucks when your working 10 hour days.

I'm off to lay in bed and try to sleep now.

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