Friday, March 2, 2007

February Review

Ok guys well here it is Sorry it is a little late but I have had a lot on my plate this last few days.

First up here are my google adsense stats for my 2 sites that use it.

Page impressions Earnings
AdSense for content 1,466 $11.47

Queries Earnings
AdSense for search 63 $3.99

Total Earnings $15.46

Not bad for my first full month of blogging.

Here are the stats taken from Homestead for my site: Our Blog Review

Page Views per Month
Feb 2007 769

With a total of 216 visitors. Not bad for only really gettting started reviewing for 10 days. The page views are included in the google adsense totals.

I am extremely happy with the results of my first month blogging.

So here is the income I have earned ( actually recieved )in February.

Goodleads only: $2.50US

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Potential unpaid earnings

Google adsense: $15.46US
Mylot $1.97

Total paid Earnings: $2.50US
Left to reach primary Goal: $999,997.50

My goals for March
1.To Double my total page views and visitors.
2.To increase income from both sites by 15%

Longer term goals

1. To make sites profitable by end of may. 4 months to make money plan.
2. Recieve check for $50

New Additions to site.

I have added adbrite as well I have also signed up for blogsvertise.

Hope this intrests you. I should have some more monkey making sites/idea's in an upcomming post.


jonathan said...

It seems like you're making good progress. Was that Google AdSense revenue based on any significant click-through rate or was it mostly from impressions?

Nancyrowina said...

I saw your thread at mylot, would you review my blog? My main one here is called Nancy's crazy adventures, you can find it through my profile.

stratz said...

Jonathan - The Google Adsense was based on significant click-through rate. The rate has come down a lot the last week of february and even so a lot more in march. So it looks like it was unusually high in the middle of february.

nancyowina - I got your iste it has been added to our current list. It would be great if you put a link on your site back to ourblgoreview or even mention it in a post that would be great. Also a link to this site I would be grateful for.