Tuesday, August 7, 2007

An Excellent link Exchange

for new bloggers it is important to get your site out there, to get it exposure, to get it seen. There are many sites that have a blog link exchange program. Recently I have discovered and new and exciting once called link-box-exchange.com Link box is a great site designed by a lad from the UK. I would say that the site does not look wisy-washy like many exchange sites. I forgot to mention that they are having some promotions on right now. If you sign up now, thus being a new user, you will get 100 credits. That's 100 free visits to your site from other people. To me a great way to help get your blog exposure. The also have another Promo going down right now. If you Blog about there site ( like I am doing now ) and someone joins and says they found you through this blog you will get an additional 150 credits. More free exposure. Most of all this is 100% free. Don't get trapped by exchange system's that make false claims and have no integrity. Visit link-box-exchange.com and get your site exposure.

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